Monday, July 12, 2010

The Most Popular Destinations For U.S. Hunters

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Today I read in the Cabela’s Outfitter Journal that, according to, Canada ranks with 46.9 percent of America’s 500,000 traveling hunters as the number one foreign hunting destination. Africa ranks second with 23 percent followed by Mexico, South America, Europe and Australia in that order.

The traveling U.S. hunter spends on average $6,718 per person. This amounts to a total of 3.6 billion dollars in the past three years. Here in British Columbia hunting and fishing is a big part of our economy, generating in the neighborhood of 46 million dollars annually. In addition resident hunters bring in annually 70 million dollars revenue, amounting to a total of 116 million dollars. Now, just for the heck of it, lets add British Columbia’s annual sport-angling revenue of 480 million dollars to the 116 million and it becomes very clear, hunting and fishing are a huge economic factor for our province.

Besides the revenue, hunting and fishing tourism provide an estimated 9,300 workplaces in our province alone. This provides additional revenue of 65 million dollars in provincial taxes and 80 million in federal taxes. These figures are only for British Columbia. Other Canadian provinces provide similar hunting and fishing revenue statistics, proving that Canada indeed is the number one hunter and angler destination in the world and not only for the American sportsman/women.

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adam said...

I would love to hunt a in Canada for some monster whitetails. That would be my first choice.

Othmar Vohringer said...

In that case you would love Alberta or Saskatchewan. These two provinces harbor some of the largest whitetail bucks in all of North America. I am told that some hunters are so awestruck that they forget to pull the trigger when they encounter one of these Canadian monsters.


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