Sunday, August 22, 2010

What we can learn from Ted Nugent

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Over the last few days the internet was abuzz with news that Ted Nugent has been fined in the state of California for hunting deer over bait, which is illegal there. According to the news, Ted also hunted with an improper signed tag.

I am not going to repeat the whole story that has been plastered all over the internet on blogs and hunting community forums. Ted, according to the news, was hunting with a guide/outfitter from California and I wonder why that guide did not make Ted aware of what he was doing is illegal.

I am not trying to cover for Ted Nugent but the fact is that hunting regulations vary greatly from state to state and even from region to region within a state. Instead I would like to use this case to make an important point that happens all to often. Hunters that travel to another region have to make sure that they have read and fully understand the local hunting regulations. With internet access it is not that difficult anymore to obtain hunting regulations. I remember a time before computers when I had to phone, or write, to out of state game agencies and ask for hunting regulations that then where sent to me by regular mail. It could take weeks, sometimes a month or more, before I got the regulations.

The bottom line is that you never should trust the word of a fellow hunter or even an outfitter. As a hunter it is your duty to inform yourself about the game laws in the region you want to hunt. As for Ted Nugent, I do respect the man for facing up to the mistakes and the resulting consequences and not making excuses or shifting the blame as most people would do these days.

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NorCal Cazadora said...

It's an important lesson. And I think Nugent has addressed it appropriately on his website by taking responsibility for what happened.

But I still want to know whether that guide still has a license here.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I too would like to know what happened to guide / outfitter. In the news articles I read the talk was just about Ted and nothing about the guide / outfitter.

From personal experience I know that many outfitters only provide hunting regulation information when specifically asked. They assume, and some will tell you, that the client informs him/herself about the regulations of a specific area. Quite rightly so. As hunters it OUR Duty to get informed not the outfitter or friends. However, in that particular case one would think that the guide would have advised Ted that hunting over bait in CA is illegal.


NorCal Cazadora said...

I don't bring up the guide to excuse Nuge, but I don't believe Nuge would knowingly put an illegal hunt on TV. He may be wacky and outspoken, but I don't believe for a second that he's stupid. I'm sure he would've appreciated a heads-up from a local about the regs. If I were hunting with him and I saw him break out the C'Mere Deer, I woulda said, "Whoa! Dude, we can't do that here."

Othmar Vohringer said...

"If I were hunting with him and I saw him break out the C'Mere Deer, I woulda said, 'Whoa! Dude, we can't do that here.'"

In a roundabout way I was thinking the same thing and I wonder why the guide didn't say anything.I too believe that Ted wouldn't break the law knowingly.


mag said...

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