Monday, October 25, 2010

Crossbow Users Aren’t New Hunters

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A common myth spread among bowhunters is that majority of crossbow hunters are gun hunters and new hunters with no experience in bowhunting. According to a survey conducted in 2009 my TenPoint Technologies, that is not true.

Of the 1,637 hunters surveyed, more than 72 percent said they had previously hunted with compound bows, and almost 18 percent said they had hunted with traditional recurve bows.

The survey also indicated that 75 percent also were rifle hunters, while 74 percent said they hunted with shotguns. More than 64 percent hunted with muzzleloaders, and 29 percent hunted with handguns.

Only 1 percent of those surveyed said they had no prior hunting experience. Based on those results, the survey indicates that a majority of crossbow hunters are experienced multi-season deer hunters that use a variety of weapons during a given season. For many of these hunters, including bowhunters, crossbows have added another dimension to the hunting sport.

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