Monday, November 22, 2010

Record Breaking Bear killed In Pennsylvania

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David Price, a bowhunter from the Keystone state, bagged during that states first ever archery only bear season a monster bear. The bear is estimated to be 17 years old with a live weight of 879-pounds, field-dressed weight the animal weighed 744-pounds.

Game Commission Spokesman Tim Conway said that this bear could be the new world record. Prices bear is heavier than the previous state record, an 864-pound bear killed by Dough Kristiansen. It is interesting to note that both bears have been taken in the same county.

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PBurns said...

Just an update....

This bear was actually a "wild pet" that had been fed for almost all of its 17 years by a (now) 71-year old man that lived nearby.

This bear was so tame, there are pictures of the man leaning against it!

Also, this was not a regular bow, but a crossbow.

Was the hunt legal? Yes. Was it ethical? No, not in my book. On the other hand, there's a REASON it's against the law to feed wild game and tame it. But bragging rights to Dave Price? None in my book.


Othmar Vohringer said...

I heard that version of the story too, but could not find any verification for it. It might be the same as when a hunter kills a very big deer. Rumors will quickly spread that the deer has been taken in a "fenced operation".

In my opinion a crossbow is archery. I myself hunt with a compound and a crossbow. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end both are about equal in the challenges involved, limitations and advantages.

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