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Busy March – Seminars And Hunting Trade Shows

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I’ve been a bit tardy with blogging over the past few weeks. I have been very busy. March and April are always the busiest time of year for me.

It started with the Boat & Sportsmen’s Show at the TradeEx Centre in Abbotsford – The largest hunting and fishing show in British Columbia. This was my first year appearing with a whitetail deer and turkey hunting seminar at that show. It is something to travel all over North America for many years and then be given the opportunity to appear on a show on my own home turf. I enjoyed this event very much and going by the feedback the crowd seem to like my seminars.

This event was followed with an all-day turkey hunting field work shop for Grouse River Outfitters in Kelowna. The turnout was great but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. A blizzard dumed a foot of snow in two hours which prevented me from conducting a proper field seminar. Instead we headed indoors where it was warmer and dry. Still, we all had a good time and the food provided was delicious.

BC Outdoors magazine made me an offer to write their “Last Light” column, a humerous take on hunting. Having never written in a humerous style the first column was a real struggle to say the least. I don't think I have ever  re-written and edited any work as much as this first “Last Light” column.

On April 1st the hunter education classes start and that should keep me busy too. Hunter numbers are up in British Columbia and we see large numbers of novice hunters signing up for the mandatory courses. It is refreshing to see more women and even city people that have no background in the hunting tradition signing up for the course.

After the hunter education course it’s straight on to the next seminar. Starting April 18 I will be giving a four evening bowhunting course at the Merritt Civic Centre. Bowhunting is quickly becoming very popular here and hunters are eager to learn all about bowhunting tactics, calling deer, using scent and hunting from treestands.

Here are a few pictures.

The deer and turkey hunting seminar at the Boat & Sportsmen's Show in Abbotsford were  well attended, in fact, better than any other seminars.

Between seminars I had time to visit with vendors and exhibitors. Ray Wien and his excellent taxidermy work was an eye catcher and his booth was very busy.

As I get older I start to look for gadgets that make hunting easier. Here are two products that I think are perfect for all hunters, not only the aging hunters.

My good friend Ken, owner of Sasquatch Fabrications manufactures an awesome game cart that makes hauling your game out of the bush a breeze.

Then there is the Hunters Arm which is one of the products that made me say; "Wow, why didn't someone think earlier of that a long time ago!!" The Hunters Arm attaches to any ball hitch at the back of a truck and lets you skin or load a deer with ease and comfort. This product is right up my alley. Call my lazy if you must but to me hunting is not about struggling and hard work. If I can make it easier I will and the Hunters Arm will do it.

I like trade shows because it's not just all work but just as much about socializing and meeting with others.

I enjoy meeting with fellow hunters and fans after the seminar.

Sitting at the BC Outdoors magazine booth chatting with editor Mike Mitchel about the new column and the new BC Outdoors website. By the way I also write a regular blog on their website and have been "promoted" to Moderator on the BC Outdoors Forum.

Posing for a picture with BC hunting legend and fellow seminar speaker Johnny Mac (John McDowell), a moose and elk hunting expert. John is also a great character and a true gentlemen.

The man. Les Trendall is the brain and manager of the BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show. A great guy and one of the best organizers I know. Everything is in place on the day without running around or asking 100 times to get what I needed. I wish every show would run as smoothly as this one.

This is the poster for the April Bowhunting Seminar at the Civic Centre in Merritt, B.C.. If you're from the area book a place now as tickets are selling fast.

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