Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Is Family Fishing Day

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On Sunday June 19, the Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club hosted their annual Family Fishing Day at the kid’s pond located between Kentucky and Alleyne Lakes. The family Fishing Day was instituted twelve years ago by the Family Fishing Society to promote the angling sport to a young and new generation.

This year’s event was special in the regard that it honoured the memory of Bill Otway, past president of Family Fishing Society and champion of fishing and hunting rights for the citizens of BC and Canada. This past year Bill was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame in recognition of his unparalleled efforts and achievements on behalf of all Canadian outdoor enthusiasts. Honouring Bill by declaring the Family Fishing Day in his memory was a fitting tribute not only because of what he has done for all of us but also because in many ways he was like a father, tirelessly looking out for the hunters and sport anglers rights and the best interests for wildlife.

I remember how happy and proud Bill looked last year as he watched the children and their families enjoying a great time at the Family Fishing Day. “This is what it is all about Othmar. Like one great family we all gather here to celebrate nature’s beauty and the sport of fishing” Bill said. I couldn’t help but think that he would have loved to see the 70 something children and families that came to the event this year. I know he was there in spirit. The weather was beautiful and I have been told that the fishing was phenomenal. Almost every child caught a rainbow trout and some of the fish weighed in at over two pounds. I watched with delight as a six-year old boy was having a real fight to land a huge trout, but all the while shouting excitedly, “I’ve a fish, I’ve a fish – It’s a big one too!” This is what it is all about.

The busy volunteers of the Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club provided grilled hot dogs and soft drinks. On a table near the registry booth were plenty of gifts and prizes laid out for the children, making sure that at the end of the event everyone not only took good memories of a great day home but also a prize. I spoke briefly to a young mother who told me that her father used to take her to the Family Fishing Day event and that she in turn now takes her children to that same event that provided her with so much joy. “This used to be, for me, the best family day out” she said, “and now I want to do the same for my children too. It is important for families to spend time together and do something they all can enjoy.” I am sure Bill would have fully approved of that statement.


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prpark said...

Great post. It reminded me how critical it is to bring in the next generation of anglers...My Father's Day ritual is to take my Dad and my children out on the boat and fish near the Chesapeake Bay.I always find a hot spot where we will be lucky, but often the best times are talking while we wait fro the strike.
All the best...Phil

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