Friday, July 15, 2011

Animal Rights Extremist Pleads Guilty To Arson Charges

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Walter "Lone Wolf" Bond, 35, pleaded guilty last week to federal charges of arson and violence involving animal enterprises. The notorious animal rights activist has a long rap sheet of criminal activity ha has previously been sentenced to five years in prison in Colorado for arson and could face another 20 years for the Utah fires.

Prosecutor John Huber said the government will argue to make the Colorado and Utah sentences consecutive to one another. "He is unapologetic. He is an unrepentant serial arsonist," Huber said, adding in the eyes of the federal government, people who commit crimes in the name of animal rights are considered "domestic terrorists."

Googling the name of this terrorist will bring up a long list of his criminal activity, but also things like “Free Walter Bond” and “Freedom for Walter Bond”. It does tell you something about organizations that profess compassion for all living things in public but at the same time give hero status to terrorists.


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