Monday, July 11, 2011

Crocodile Pulls Angler Out Of His Boat

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The most I have to fear when I go fishing here in British Columbia is getting attacked by swarms of mosquitoes or a hungry black bear that wants to steal my catch. In Australia it’s different. There, you might want to watch out for crocodiles that specialized in hunting anglers.

That is exactly what happened to the 59 year old Kevin Eccles. He was fishing with a friend in the Northern Territory a few weeks ago. They had anchored the boat to sleep overnight. Just after Eccles awoke in the morning and leaned over the side of the boat a huge over 8 feet long croc launched out of the water and grabbed the angler and tried to pull him into the water. Eccles said; “The next minute I’m getting dragged, it’s dragging me over the gunwale.”

The angler held on to the boat with all his strength, fully knowing if the monster managed to drag him under water he never would see another day alive. Somehow Eccles managed to free himself from the crocs deadly jaws and climb back into the boat. Amazingly, his friend never woke up during the attack and the struggle to get free. Eccles had to wake his buddy up in order to make the seven-hour trip to the nearest hospital where Eccles was treated for bite wounds to his arms and shoulders. The name of the place, South Alligator River, where the two were fishing could have given the two men a clue that perhaps this is not the safest place to catch fish.

You can read the full story here.


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