Monday, July 04, 2011

Legislation Removing Pennsylvania’s Sunday Hunting Ban Introduced

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Finally it happens, just when you think that some U.S. states, and Canadian provinces for that matter, are stuck forever in old laws that where introduced to accommodate the power of the church you get surprised again. A bill introduced by Representative John Evans (R- Edinboro) would remove Pennsylvania’s long standing prohibition on Sunday hunting. The measure, House Bill 1760, will transfer the authority to regulate Sunday hunting from the Legislature to the Game Commission.

Pennsylvania is one of only 11 states that continue to restrict or prohibit hunting on Sundays. Currently, only crows, coyotes and foxes are permitted to be hunted on Sundays in the state. Pennsylvania’s prohibition dates back to 1873 and serves as a barrier to recruiting new hunters and retaining existing hunters.

Limiting hunters to one weekend day afield limits the economic impact that could be realized. According to a National Shooting Sports Foundation study, removing the Sunday hunting restrictions would result in an estimated 8,190 new Pennsylvania jobs paying more than $245 million in wages. It would also generate three-quarters of a billion dollars in economic impact each year for Pennsylvania.

To read the full article and a list of political representatives and read the resolution visit this website.


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