Friday, April 06, 2012

In Support Of grizzly Bear Hunting in British Columbia

© By Othmar Vohringer

Every year like clockwork anti hunting and animal rights groups get together to launch a “ban grizzly bear hunting” lobbying assault on the public and the political parties. These operations are based on little more then myth. Not only is British Columbia home to a healthy and thriving grizzly bear population, in some cases grizzly bears have populated near towns and cities where they pose a thread to people, pets and livestock.

Grizzly bear hunting in BC is subject to strict regulations and only possible through a limited entry hunting (LEH) system. This means that only very few grizzly bears can be hunted each year. This system has proven to be of great benefit for the bears as current population growth are evident across the province.

When anti hunting groups claim to protect wildlife and nature, in this case protecting grizzlies from hunters, it is worth mentioning that most of the money they collect from people is used to pay for the salaries of their leaders and very little if anything of that money is spent on the cause/s they proclaim. To verify where your donations actually go check this link. You will be surprised what happens to the money you thought is used for wildlife conservation.

To help bears please sign the petition in support of bear hunting. Hunting is a vital important ingredient of sound wildlife management based on science. It is this wildlife management system that has made British Columbia one of the wildlife richest regions in North America and the World.

If you’re a resident of British Columbia you may also contact your local NDP MLA and tell him/her how you feel about the NDP’s continued anti hunting stance. We’ve a provincial election coming up in 2013, and with all likelihood the NDP will be voted into power. Should that happen hunting for some species would be banned imminently. Among them are grizzly bears, black bears, mule deer and can you believe it even coyotes are on a long list of animals that according to the NDP need “urgent protection”.

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trophy deer hunts said...

They totally misuse our donated money.
I will support the grizzly bear hunting.

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