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The List Of The 10 Outdoor Blogger That Been Doing It Since The Beginning

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Steve Remington from the OutdoorBlogger.Org has compiled a list of the top ten outdoor bloggers that have been doing it since beginning of the “bloger age”.

I am humbled to be included in that list. Sure it is not an official ranking but nonetheless it is nice and encouraging to be recognized by a fellow blogger as one "of the first hour". Back then in 2005 when I published my first blog post only a small handful of outdoor blogs doted the Internet landscape. Times have changed since then and there are now more outdoor blogs on the Internet then you can shake a stick at.

With that said my thanks go to my longtime and new readers of Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer. Without you this recognition would not have been possible. My thanks also goes to Steve Remington for remembering and recognizing the “old brigade” of the outdoor blogging world. In many ways we were the pioneers of this communication medium.

Here are the other members of this list and I encourage you to visit their blogs too.
J.R. Absher Tom Remington writes, “I like to think of J.R. Absher as the ‘Godfather of Blogging’.” And he is right on the mark with that comment. J.R. was a blogging wizard, as a longtime freelance writer, he was one of the first who realized the potential blogging has and at one time wrote many different blogs for Outdoor Life, ESPN and many others across the Internet. He still writes blogs for Sportsman’s Guide, The Outdoor Pressroom, Shooting Illustrated, Outdoors News and Slugs & Plugs to name a few.

Another “Old Timer” is Phillip Loughlin. He is part of the oldest outdoor blogging network by the name of Skinny Moose Media and writes the The Hog Blog. Phillip lives and breaths the outdoor lifestyle in his native home California, his favourite species to hunt, is as the name of his blog suggests, wild hogs.

Marshall MacFarlane is a fellow Canadian from New Brunswick and also a founding blogger of Skinny Moose Media. MacFarlene is a freelance writer and editor since his teenage years and lived in Maine and Arizona. His is the author of Desert Rat writing mostly about hunting and fishing in the southwest of America.

Kevin Paulsen is the founder and CEO of I remember when Kevin started blogging about a year after I started. From the humble beginnings of he went on to turn his blogging career into a profession. Today is a huge source for hunting information, products and all manner of hunting and outdoor related information. Kevin and I are also part of a small group of veteran bloggers that are the founding member of “Outdoor Blogger Summit”, an organization dedicated to support outdoor blogers. Unfortunately the organization folded two years ago but there are talks of reinstating it again.

Tom Remington, father of Steve Remington, is a true icon on the outdoor blogger scene. As the co-founder of Skinny Moose Media he was not merely content with writing a blog, he built a outdoor blogging empire and yet still finds the time to write his own Black Bear Blog. Tom is also heavily involved in the politics surrounding (threatening) hunting at and co-authored the book The Legends of Grey Gost and Other tales from the Maine Woods

Bill Anderson, another fellow Canadian, is also a man of the first hour on the outdoor blogger scene. He has taken his Muskoka Outdoors blog beyond everything he possibly could hope for when he published his first post. He’s also a regular contributor the World Fishing Network. I’ve known Bill through our blogging activity for many years and always admired how goes from strength to strength and keep adding valuable information to the outdoor community.

Dan McLaughlin is the author of the Moose Droppings blog. He too is one of the first outdoor bloggers. In fact his was the very first outdoor blog I read on the internet and that inspired me to blog about the outdoors too. Dan is what I refer to as a “super blogger”. Super bloggers are writers that manage to write a new blog post every single day. With all the other commitments in life this harder to do then many may think, yet that is exactly what Dan is doing, and he is doing it for many years.

Trout Underground is the work Tom Chandler from Mt. Shasta. Tom has been at it for many years and is very popular in the fishing sector of the outdoor bloger world. I’ve to admit to my shame that I’ve never read Tout Underground. My only excuse for that is that I am not a real sport angler, I fish more to relieve myself of boredom between hunting seasons. However, my wife is an avid angler if she is not busy with her photography and graphic art designing and so perhaps I should make an effort and read Tout Underground to learn more about fishing.

John Bryan is one of my favourite blog writers. From his retirement ranch in central Texas he writes the Outdoor Odyssey blog. John writes about his real life experiences and it does it with such expertise and entertaining that it like reading a good book; once you start reading you can’t put down until you read the last page. Talking about books. John is a busy man when it comes to writing, he’s written several books since 2005. The first book was the live story of his four great-grandfathers. That book followed Outdoor Odysseys, based on his many stories in his blog. Then in 2008 he wrote two books, “The End Of The Line” and “Why It Is Called Hunting”. With that under his belt he has no intention of slowing down, there are more books he’s writing on for future release and of course he keeps on blogging almost every day with new stories from his hunting life.

These are, according to Steve Remington, the top ten bloggers that are at it since the beginning and are still going strong. I am both proud and humbled to be included with such icons of the outdoor blogging world. Here’s looking forward to see all of these  “seasoned old bloggers” around for many more years to come.

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