Monday, June 25, 2012

New World Record Mountain Goat Taken In British Columbia

© By Othmar Vohringer

According to the Boone & Crockett Club hunter Troy M. Sheldon of Alexandria, Ky. Has bagged the new mountain goat world record. After the required drying period the official Boone & Crockett judges panel verified the goats official entry as the new world record. It surpasses the old world record by a substantial 6/8 of an inch.

Troy Sheldon took the animal in the Stikine River area while hunting with Heidi Gutfrucht of Northwest Ranching and Outfitting. As an interesting side note; Sheldon used a Tikka T3 .270 (my personal favourite calibre) to make a perfect 319-yard shot across a ravine.

By far most mountain goat record entries (541) come from British Columbia. When hunters talk, or think, of hunting in Canada British Columbia is not what’s on the forefront. BC is still very much of an insider secret, which is a shame because our province is without a doubt the best area in North America to hunt. When hunters ask me, “what can you hunt in British Columbia?” I always answer with, “It’s faster if I tell you what we can’t hunt.” This always takes the person asking by surprise, but if you look into the hunting regulations you will find several pages of huntable game species listed, Which other U.S. state or Canadian province can beat that? None!

British Columbia has without a doubt the biggest variety on game species but also the game population numbers and trophy sized animals that many other regions don't come close to match. Every outfitter in BC is able to offer his clients packages of several game species ranging from giant moose, grizzly and black bear, elk, mountain rams, mountain goat, whitetail and mule deer to woodland caribou and bison plus every other animal in between. It's common for outfitters here to be able to offer up to fifteen different species. Of the many game species we have here the hunter often has the opportunity to choose from several subspecies such as Shiras and Alaskan moose, or mule, - whitetail and blacktailed deer or California and Rocky Mountain sheep, to name a few.

Just visit the website of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia and check out the various outfitters and what they have to offer on hunts and hunting packages. British Columbia is indeed “The hunters paradise” as it is often referred to.

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