Saturday, September 15, 2012

Global TV and Shaw Media Cancels All Hunting TV Shows

© By Othmar Vohringer

Global TV and Shaw Media, Canada’s largest television network, has announced that it will cancel all hunting shows on their network across Canada after December 30, 2012. The shows affected by this decision are; Canada In the Rough, The Canadian Tradition and Angler & Hunter Television. The network claims that declining viewer numbers are the reason for the cancellation, which in my humble opinion frankly is hogwash. A little search on the intent reveals that; A. The notorious animal rights organization, the Vancouver Humane Society, brags about their “success in petitioning the television network” to take the above shows off their network. B. A phone call to a person I know who works in the programing department of the network revealed to me that the shows actually gained in popularity.

Here is what I think happened. The hunting shows in question are not your typical shows that you see on subscription channels. These shows could be viewed by anyone. The reason the shows became popular, even with non-hunters, is because they emphasized the wildlife and habitat conservation aspect of hunting. Every show highlighted the many hunter founded organizations such as, Ducks Unlimited, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The BC Wild Sheep Association plus an array of other noteworthy organizations. With that aspect of the hunting shows ordinary people became aware that hunters are not the barbaric uncaring bambi-killers after all. Ordinary people, who up until the airing of the shows only had the animal rights view of hunting, started to call the motives of these radical organizations into question. In my opinion this is what the Vancouver Humane Society motivated to launch a petition to cancel the shows. They wanted to silence the hunters. Animal rights hate the truth.

While hunters in Canada do not stand idly by and started a counter petition to put the shows back on there are hunters who don’t care about the television networks decision. They say “I don’t watch these shows.” Some even say “I never liked hunting television shows anyway.” If you’re such a hunter let me tell you this. It’s not about the like or dislike of hunting television shows. This is about a politically radical extremist movement that uses hate speech and public deception in an effort to dictate what people can and cannot watch on television…and it will not stop there. I’ve already heard from an inside source of the animal right movement that they want to use “the momentum we gained in our recent success” to petition the government to make a law that would ban the open display of hunting and firearm magazines on newsstands. The question here is. Do we let a radical minority have the power of censorship? NO we don’t. The last time I checked Canada was still a democratic run country and that is why we ALL need to take action now.

Please take a minute to help us, and yourself, to our rights, and a voice, as hunters and conservationists.

Contact Global Television and Shaw Media and let them know how you feel about the discrimination against hunters. Email Global TV as well as and Shaw Media or call 1-877-307-1999.

We also would very much appreciate if you take a minute and sign our petition for Global and Shaw to reverse their decision. Thank you! By the way everyone, not only Canadians, can sign the petition and/or contact the TV network. Let’s show them that hunters are united and a force to be reckoned with.


Ward said...

Great blog. The fishing community should get behind this petition as well. In 2006 the executive director sent a letter to the national post expressing their opposition to hunting, seal hunting and fishing. If they win with us the fisherman can expect a fight i the future with a better funded adversary.

Othmar Vohringer said...

All hunters and anglers must stick together and fight together. The problem is that even hunters can't unite. Everybody is caught up in their own little niche thinking and thereby is unable to see the big picture. Animal rights and anti hunters know about our differences and take full advantage of it.

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