Monday, October 07, 2013

Melissa Bachman Bullied Off National Geographic Channel By Anti-Hunting Lobby Petition.

By: Othmar Vohringer

Melissa Bachman, known as the “Hardcore Huntress”, producer and co-host of Winchester Deadly Passion, has been dropped as a planned participant in the of an upcoming National Geographic production called “Ultimate Survivor Alaska”. The decision has apparently been made after a petition, calling for the dismissal of Mellissa, a “heartless trophy hunter”, signed by more than 13,000 anti-hunters has been sent to the TV channel management.

According to a news story National Geographic apparently wasted no time to deny Bachman to take part in the show. In other words they let themselves be bullied into a decision by a mere handful of extremists. What boggles my mind is why would National Geographic reach such a decision? Isn’t hunting a part of the “ultimate survival” in the wilds of Alaska? To my knowledge you can’t survive in the vast wildness on vegetables alone.

But what more important, at least it is to me. Is the fact that Melissa Bachman has been discriminated against and I can’t help wondering what a smart lawyer could do with that blatant ant violation of the anti-discrimination act. Have we really come that far in our “civilized” world that a handful of radicals can decide what or who we can see on television? It’s not that National Geographic makes excuses about dropping Melissa, they are quite open about it that the decision has been made because of a petition.

While anti-hunters celebrate their victory over the “death celebrating murderer” they themselves show the true radical intensions with hundreds upon hundreds of death threats against Melissa Bachman.

Here’s a small sample of the more printable comment left on a facebook page.

“We will find you bitch and skin you alive.”
“I hope you and your children die a horrible death.”
“I’ll hunt you down and the slowly torture and kill you the same way you do with the animals.”
“We need to kill all hunters as they do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of the decent humans.”

Shocking, and these are people that promote compassion and kindness to all living things on this planet. The fact it that animal rights and anti-hunters are some of the most vile, hateful and self-centred people anyone could encounter.

As hunters, regardless if we agree with trophy hunting or not, we should weigh in on this issue and contact National Geographic and let them know what we think. To be quiet about this means we’re easy bush overs and bow down to discrimination against us. The last time I looked it up hunting was still a legal activity all across North America.

What’s your take on this story?

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