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About Othmar Vohringer
"Your Partner in the Outdoors"

Born and raised in Switzerland I have been involved in the outdoors since early childhood. Not long after I learned to walk I accompanied my parents to the local duck pond and later, as I grew older on hunting and fishing trips all over Switzerland and into the neighbouring European countries.

As an adult I came to North America, first to the U.S. where I enthusiastically adopted the rich hunting heritage. Years later I followed the love of my life and settled in beautiful British Columbia the home of my lovely wife and best friend.

I feel deeply privileged to participate in a heritage that has its roots deep in our psyche from our ancestors who have hunted game since the beginning of time. It is when I am in the fields and woods that I feel the connection we humans have with our true nature.

In the year 2001 I started to write about hunting as a freelance writer and to hold seminars on outdoor events. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome at the beginning was the language barrier; talking in English is one thing but writing (for us German speaking folks) is another story. But, I get great joy from communicating with other hunters and this is the reason why I started my network of hunting and fishing related blogs. I have learned many new things from communicating with hunters and have passed on my knowledge to others. Isn’t this an important part of our heritage too? Passing our knowledge and traditions on in conversations and discussions to the next generation.
I try to do just that with my blogs and forum, to which you will find the links below.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

Othmar Vohringer

Mv personal and professional behavior and conduct is governed by four basic principles.

1. Do what is right.
2. Do the best job you can.
3. Treat others like you would want to be treated.
4. Always use common sense and logic.


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Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer
Your partner in the Outdoors, promoting the hunting heritage and outdoor sport.
Whitetail Deer Passion
Providing the Answers to the Deer Hunters
Wild Turkey Fever
Providing the Answers to the Turkey Hunters
My Stand
My Stand is a bi-weekly outdoor column and op-eds on a variety of topics concerning our outdoor sport legacy.
My Wild Outdoor Kitchen
The title of this blog says it all. Good food, good God lets eat.
SHS Hunting Chat Forum
Join me and other Hunters from around North America on the campfire where we talk about and discuss hunting and fishing.

I am a proud Pro-Staff Memebr of:
Heiloom Custom Turkey Calls

If you would like me to attend a hunting ot outdoor sports event, or to inquire about my many other outdoor activities please contact me.

"Othmar Vohringer...proud to be called a hunter."

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