Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hunting: Ready, Steady, Aim

You know, I rather would do without the ammunition than be without some sort of rifle support. When you shoot a rifle, or any firearm for that matter, the most important aspect to obtain accuracy is a solid rest. Having a steady support for my rifle and shotgun has increased my accuracy and confidence more than 80% and so has hitting what I am aiming at. All my rifles are equipped with a bipod. But there are times when it can be cumbersome to carry that extra weight around. This comes especially to bear on coyote hunt or when I go after turkeys in the spring where I carry the rifle or shotgun around all day long. I came up with a solution for this problem by making my own portable bipod.

The beauty of this bipod is that it costs me only about 10 dollars in material plus it serves as a walking stick and to steady my camera when I photograph wildlife. But above all, with less than 500 gr. (17.6 oz.) it is light. If you like you can camouflage your bipod too, that might be necessary if you hunt turkeys, which have exceptional eyesight. To obtain the ultimate on accuracy when hunting ground squirrels you even can ad a third leg making it a tripod.

For detailed building instruction and material list read D.I.Y. Bipod.

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