Monday, January 30, 2006

Misc: Do It Your Self Trophy Mount

Here is something I do to keep me busy during the time when the hunting seasons are closed. Being born and raised in Switzerland, I prefer the so called European trophy mounts. However, I like to embellish the mount a little rather than just having them displayed on an plain wooden plaque.

This is an exotic ram which I hunted some years back. I gave the head to the taxidermist to have it cleaned and bleached. Then I mounted it on a wooden disc which I cut off with the chain saw from an oak tree that I had to cut down earlier. The decoration is taken from the area where I hunted that ram. There is some kind of grass that I found rather decorative, moss, tree bark and a small stone. Everything is glued down with a hot glue gun and the skull is fixed in place with thin wire on to the wooden plate . This trophy is for lack of a better word a "table stand model" which now has a home in my office. I thought that way the nice curly horns would show better than if the mount would hang on the wall.

The picture has been taken by my wife who is Artemis Graphics & Design. My wife is an exeptional photographer and graphic designer. I did all the work and my wife helped me with advice and recommendations to make it a piece of art which will evoke memories of a very good hunt and all around memorable experience. That is what hunting is all about, having a good time and being out in our worderful nature with good friends playing an important part in the stewardship of our nature and wildlife.

(Become a cherished trophy too, you don't have to kill yourself, just make a comment .)

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