Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mis.: My Valentines Present

I am very fortunate, not only does my wife let me go to the woods to hunt all sorts of critters and to the rivers and lakes to fish but she also surprises me on special occasions with thoughtful and very useful manly toys. This Valentines Day was no different. I had a new fishing rod on my wish list for quit some time now. Lo and behold this Valentine Day a beautiful new fishing rod with reel was presented to me.It’s a Shimano 5.6ft fast action rod for a line weight of 2-6lb with an Okuma Acuador FS30 reel. It’s the perfect light outfit needed for trout fishing.

Now you understand why I love my wife so very much for so many years. She has never nagged at me for being away from home so often to play in the woods and on the lakes and streams with my hunting and fishing toys. She actually supports me and feels, as I do, that a man should be a man and do manly stuff rather than moping around all weekend long. Ah, isn't real love a bautiful thing, I am such a lucky guy.

This upcoming weekend I will take the new rod to one of the many good trout lakes and rivers around my home and put it trough it’s paces. You will be the first one, after me, to know how it went and how the new gear performed you will read all about it on this blog.


George said...

Hi. Top site. I know there are plenty of people who appreciate the trout fishing related info they get here. I have to say that your site is one of the better ones I've seen. I'll post again soon.
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George said...

Hi. Great site. I'm always looking for fly fishing info and sites to recommend to my visitors and I have to say that yours is one of the better ones. Out of time, I'll post again soon.
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Othmar Vohringer said...

Hi George I am glad you like this little blog and the information I provide. This is only a place where I post until my online hunting and fishing magazine website is ready to be put online. So far I have about 100 pages together and if all goes well in May it should go online.

Nice towelcome you here.

Othmar aka huntwriter.

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