Saturday, February 18, 2006

Misc.: Busy Times

Tomorrow I am off on a two day fishing trip. I am going to Buntzen lake and see or I can coax a few trout, my favourite game fish, into taking my bait. After a cold and windy two days which kept the fish from feeding they should be very hungry by now and therefore the fishing good. Regardless how this trip turns out you will read all about it right here.

After this trip it will be time to get ready for British Columbia's biggest Outdoor and Hunting Show. For three days I will have time to look around and check out what's new and where the trends are heading. When I come back I will have plenty to report to you.

Somewhere in between all this I still will post the promised article about the best ambush tactics to bag a big gobbler. So stay tuned here and come back often. There is plenty coming your way in form of news, tactics and tips.

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