Friday, June 16, 2006

News: Pope and Young speaks against Word Hunting Association

The blows against the World Hunting Association keep coming from all directions. I wouldn't be surprised if David S. Farbman, CEO and founder of the W.H.A. is soon to realize that his great money making dream is not welcome by the hunters and the hunting organizations and turns into a nightmare for him.

After thousands of hunters have flooded the W.H.A. and their sponsors with outraged letters and emails over the plans to turn hunting in a competiton sport by shooting at penned animals with tranquilizer guns all but one sponsor pulled their support of the W.H.A.

But that was only the beginning, the infantry if you will. Then the artillery pulled up. Beginning with the Safari Club Internationl (SCI) who on June 14, 2006 released a press statement, saying that the do not aprove of the moral and ethics of the W.H.A. and their plans to turn hunting into a NASCAR like spectator sport for prize money.

Now, only two days later, the reputable Pope and Young Club had this to say against the W.H.A.

P&Y Nixes Proposed "Hunt" Tournament

A recent announcement by the World Hunting Association has raised significant concerns within the Pope and Young Club. According to WHA publicity releases, a televised tournament series featuring “professional hunters” is slated for broadcast this coming fall. Competitors reportedly will seek to tranquilize deer within high-fence game farm properties. Lucrative prizes are to be awarded to individuals collecting the biggest or most captive deer during televised “hunts.” Both bows and firearms will be used to deliver the tranquilizing agents.

“Hunting is not a ‘catch and release’ proposition,” said P&Y President M. R. James. “Nor is it intended to be an entertaining public spectacle. The Pope and Young Club certainly does not want its organization identified with this type of commercial endeavor, either directly or indirectly. That includes any reference to P&Y-class animals or the use of our measuring system to determine the score of captive deer. This idea flies in the face of the ethical, Fair Chase bowhunting challenges our organization embraces.”

Noting that the Pope and Young Club does not accept any captive animals as record book entries, Executive Secretary Kevin Hisey added: “The idea that this concept is just plain wrong goes well beyond the issue of game farms and high fences. Many responsible hunters will view it as an affront to the values, principles, and integrity of hunting so many hold dear.”

I wrote an email to the Boone and Crockett Club to ask what their stance is on the World Hunting Association here is what they sent back to me:

The Boone and Crockett Club does not support the WHA in what they are doing as it violates our basic positions on fair chase and ethical hunting.

Thank you for your thoughtful inquiry.


A press statement is soon to be expected from the Boone and Crockett Club in this regard. Daily more and more Outdoor and Hunting Clubs and Association but also hunting publication speak out against the World Hunting Association and I think that is a very good thing. The sooner this outrages and highly unethical company is sent back into oblivion the better for all of us.

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