Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News: Safari Club International speaks out against World Hunting Association

After thousands of hunters from all over North America have flooded the World Hunting Association and sponsors with protest letters which have caused sponsors to pull their support for the W.H.A.

Now it's the reputable Safari Club International to follow suit and voice their opinion against the World Hunting Association. That is very good news for all ethical hunters and could very well be the last nail in the proverbial coffin for the World Hunting Association. Lets hope so!

SCI Questions Concept of "World Hunting Association
The "World Hunting Association" last week announced that it would stage a series of "tournament" professional hunting events this year, in which the game pursued would be shot with tranquilizer darts launched from bow hunting equipment. Participants would compete for much as $600,000 in prize money over the series of tournament events. SCI has serious concerns with attempts to "professionalize" the tradition of the hunt, particularly with cash rewards. In addition, the institution of "catch and release" tactics for hunting, using powerful sedatives, is highly questionable with regard to the future health of the game animals that are captured for the competition. While the group espouses the noble goals of increasing hunter recruitment and retention, SCI believes that education and outreach programs remain the best option for bring newcomers into the field. Likewise, SCI believes that conventional regulated hunting techniques, including due diligence on the part of hunters to prevent the wounding of game, are the only true definition of hunting. SCI President Mike Simpson told Crosshairs that "Hunting isn't bass fishing. It just doesn't translate to made-for-TV entertainment, conducted on a professional catch-and-release basis for cash rewards."

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Moose said...

As hunters and outdoorsmen we can accomplish a lot when we pull together. Thanks for keeping up the pressure, we need to make this thing go away. I suspect we’ll see states start passing laws to outlaw this practice much like we saw the internet hunting laws passed across the country earlier this year.

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