Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News: X-Treme Sports Group

Here is another update on the highly questionable plans of the Word Hunting Association to stage competitive high fencing hunting competitions. While I yesterday reported that after thousands of hunters wrote potest letters to the sponsors of W.H.A most of them have pulled the plug on sponsoring the World Hunting Association with two remaining sponsors. The two where
X-Treme Sports Group, makers of X-Treme Scents and Pneu-Dart makers of remote injection equipment and tranquilizer guns.

Today I am happy to report that X-Treme Sports Group has decided to bow down to ethical hunters and pull out as sponsors of W.H.A. Here is the email I received today.

June 13, 2006

Thank you for your recent email pertaining to the WHA. We are listening to all of our customers regarding the WHA. In response to your feedback, we have spoken to the Chairman of the WHA over the weekend to discuss last week’s events. Both parties are discussing this issue again this week. We have not signed any formal agreements to be a sponsor. We will issue a Press Release upon our final decision.

It is our goal as a company to do what is best for our customers, retailers, hunting industry and our company. Again thank you for your input towards the WHA. Again, we are listening to everyone’s opinions before we make a final decision.

Thank you,

Jefffrey S. Stawiarski
Xtreme Sports Group
The only sponsor left is Pneu-Dart, which has direct business gains trough W.H.A. as manufacturer of of remote injection equipment and tranquilizer guns. Remember the W.H.A. wants to use tranqualizer guns and arrows for their hunting competition what they call "catch and release hunting". The animals are not killed, they are tranqualized and then revived so the next competitive hunter can tranquailze the animal again. Have they ever thought about what these frequent administering of a dangerours drug will do to an animals health in the long term?

Please send X-Treme Sports Group your letters of appreciation for their wise decision to pull out of W.H.A.

Stay tuned here for more updates on W.H.A. if we are keeping this pressure up we will prevent that our hunting heritage will be shamed by this unethical and highly questionable money making scheme that has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting, but more with an enterpreneurs idea of how to make a quick buck without any regard to our cherished heritage and the reasons why we hunt.

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