Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Heat Is On

Currently most of the world suffers from a heat wave. Factories and schools are closed. Finally the heat wave hit British Columbia too. It’s 23 Celsius (74F), hot enough to fry eggs and bacon on the car hood. To hot to go out of the house, even the dog refuses to be taken on his daily walk. I wanted to go on a scouting trip but I would have to be out of my mind to stomp around in the woods in this heat, even the birds quit singing. The streets are pleasantly devoid of any traffic the shops are empty too or even closed due to the heat. In short it is a boring weekend, which I spend in my air-conditioned office catching up on long due work and the latest news and happenings.

The only good news about this heat wave is that I do not have to mow the lawn, which has turned into shades of brown. Interestingly enough, the only green in the lawn are the weeds. It’s a bit like with the World Hunting Association. Despite all the heat they got from the hunting community and industry the stubbornly refuse to wilt and turn brown. Like the weed in my lawn the WHA seems to feed of the heat.


Steve said...

It has been super hot here in Arkansas the last few days. 104 F with a heat index of 111 F. Not a lot to do in this type of heat. To hot to be on a boat. I thought about wading in a stream and smallmouth bass fishing but it is way to hot to make the trip to the stream. Arkansas bow season starts Oct.1 and I hope this heat wave is over. If not you need to write about hot weather tactics for whitetail deer.

Othmar Vohringer said...

And here I thought 74F is melting hot. Go scouting or go fishing or sitting at home in my office where the choices I had. It was simply to hot to go scouting and fishing was no good either so I chose to sit at home. The evening would have been terrific fishing for bass since they like the warm and come up in the shallows.
Here in British Columbia deer hunting season opens September 1 and I hope too that the weather is cooler then. As for hot weather hunting tactics for whitetails. The best is to do as they do. Move early in morning and late in the evening and the rest of the day hide in the shade in some thick cover. LOL

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