Thursday, July 20, 2006

News: WHA Hunting Competition Moves Forward

Criticism Doesn't Stop the Show
by Jim Shepherd
posted July 19, 2006

Yesterday, the much-maligned World Hunting Association (WHA) announced the first of the eight professional hunters who will ostensibly be competing in the non-fatal hunting tour when it kicks off in Gladwin, Michigan this fall. The WHA has been the subject of considerable discussion, criticism and condemnation from a wide cross-section of the outdoor community. From the National Shooting Sports Foundation to the Quality Deer Management Association, leaders have stepped forward to condemn the idea of Michigan entrepreneur and hunting enthusiast David Farbman as everything from "cruel" to "another huckster's bad idea"

The initial hunter selection, however, seems to say that while the WHA may not be the most widely-accepted idea, the folks behind the organization are apparently sincere about trying to put the best face on hunting and hunters possible.

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If true and not just another media gimmick of the WHA then this is very bad news for our hunting heritage. But I am still hopeful that this travesty can be prevented. Especially in light of the fact that more states conceder laws to outlaw high fence "hunting game farms". We as ethical hunters need to keep the pressure up on the WHA and anyone else remotely associated with it.

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