Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hunting: Anti-World Hunting Association Petition Update

As of this writing over 1,032 hunters have signed the Online Petition against the World Hunting Association. It is important that many more hunters sign this important document and make their voice heard. You can read and sign the petition here.

You can read my earlier article about the Anti-World Hunting Association here.

In an e-mail Greg Russell, the author of the Anti-World Hunting Association Petiton, told me that the petition will sent to all hunting industry companies, outfitters, game farms, outdoor writers and last but by no means state and federal political representatives. This is good, especially in the light of the fact that many states begin to debate on new laws that should outlaw commercial “hunting” high fenced game farms. This petition might just be the ammunition they need to speed up such a law.

It seems despite all the information available that there are still some hunters who do not know what the anger and outrage about the World Hunting Association is about. A hunter asked me per e-mail, “What do you have against hunting?” Well, I have nothing against hunting, of course not. I am as passionate a hunter as millions of others. I am also passionate in the preservation of our hunting heritage.

But the point is that, even so, the World Hunting Association uses – abuses – the word “hunting” in the company title, it has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting. Sending some camo clad man into a high fenced enclosure to shoot tranquilizer darts at domesticated livestock deer and collecting a big jackpot check for who ever shoots the biggest livestock deer buck, has about as much to do with hunting or the spirit of hunting as cattle farming and beef processing does. This comparison is not as far fetched as some might think. Deer farmers are no different that other livestock farmers.

It's a shame that the World Hunting Association refuses to listen to hunters and the hunting industry. Instead they keep saying that everybody is wrong and they are right. My last search on Goggle showed 13,000,000 search results and over 99% of the links are against the WHA, that to me is an overwhelming majority who has not asked for or wants the WHA, as they claim on their website.

Sign the Petiton now! Thank you.

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