Saturday, July 08, 2006

News: E-Mail from a WHA Supporter

Here is an e-mail that I received today in support of the WHA. The writer of this email engages in the typical assumptions about others to make his point in defense of something as outrages as the WHA.

Your comment about me in your post is a typical response from someone that knows nothing about hunting and diversity. Why did you assume that the guy in the chair is not the hunter? Oh it blows your mind to think some one paralyzed might actually hunt successfully for mature bucks?

My comment:
Mr. Albertson refers here to my article “The Fake Science of the WHA” and the statement I made about a wheelchair bound person. At no time have I said, assumed or insinuated that the handicapped person is not a hunter or that handicapped persons can’t hunt successfully. Being involved in disabled hunter programs I am fully aware that disabled hunters can be very successful.

I am Hack Albertson, and I have been a paraplegic for 12 and half years now. Those deer in the video are mine that I killed and mounted myself. There is not a more passionate hunter alive than me. There were no other WHA hunters in the video than me. I will compare my bucks to yours any day.

My comment:
There where other man in the video wearing camouflage and shaking the disabled hunters hand. For me hunting, real hunting, is not about big bucks and trophies hanging on the wall. To me hunting is about the experiences I have, the friendships I make and most importantly following an age-old heritage that is part of our human nature. Hunting is not a sport where trophy bucks are doped up behind a high fence of a deer farm for the sport and money. Hunting to me is to go back to our human roots and play our part in nature. Shooting at “livestock” on a deer farm is not hunting, not wildlife conservation and most certainly not what the hunting heritage is all about. Given the choice of killing a trophy "livestock" buck behind a high fence or to be "condemned" to harvesting does for the rest of my life in the wilderness I would happily and without a second hesitation choose the does. I am a hunter, not a "livestock" butcher. My hunting conviction begins and ends with fair chase and playing my part in wildlife conservation, not to be confused with livestock management.

The WHA is a very charitable organization as will be proven by the donations that will be made to different charitable organizations. There will also be a number of underprivileged kids that will be given equipment to keep and trained for the hunt of their lifetime. Let alone the meat that will be donated by the number of deer we will cull from management properties.

My comment:
I have no doubt in my mind that the WHA engages in charities. All large companies do that. While some do it form the heart and feel that they can make a real difference most do it because being “charitable” and donating money to “good” causes is tax deductible and that very often is the only incentive to be charitable. There are a large number of beef farmers who too donate meat to charities. Deer farming is as much livestock farming as beef farming.

I wanted you to at least have some facts on your censored blog.

My comment:
The readers will decide about the “fact” part. However I am rejecting that my blogs Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer, Whitetail Deer Passion and NEW Wild Turkey Fever are censored. This is a hunter and fisher information blog and visitors are more than welcome to comment on my posts and articles. All comments are welcome, even the controversial ones. The only safeguard in the comments section is that I have “moderation” enabled. The reason for this safety measure is that unfortunately there are some people who do not believe in hunting, fishing and meat consumption. A large majority of these people are not prepared to discuss their agenda in a well-mannered fashion. Instead these people resort to personal insults and even threatening. It is this kind of comments that I will not tolerate on any of my blogs. Other than that I am open-minded and respect other peoples opinions for what they are regardless if I agree with them or not and thus every comment free of insults, racism, hatred and obscenities will be posted here.

So feel free at any time and communicate with others and me here at Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer.

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