Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News: The World Hunting Association a vision of God?

Has the CEO and Commissioner of the WHA, David Faberman, finally gone nuts or does he just have no shame whatsoever?

Here is what he said in an interview conducted by Phil Bloom from The Journal Gazette.

"I believe the World Hunting Association is God’s vision," he said. " Now our job, with the awesome team I’m working with, is to execute and make this a reality.

The funny thing is that I in one of my first articles about the WHA asked; “Does Faberman see himself as God’s gift to hunting?” I guess he does now. I can see that this statement will anger many religious hunters too. It seems whenever Faberman or one of his cronies opens their mouth they loose more credibility and look more ridicules.

If it would not be a matter of great concern to real and ethical hunting I would split my sides laughing at these clowns.


Frank Baron said...

Anybody who claims to know God's mind or speak God's will is somebody I want to steer clear of.

Othmar Vohringer said...

You got that right Frank. With that statement alone the CEO of the WHA has shown what he is willing to do to "force" his plan onto the hunters and the hunting community.

It's scary really how far people will go to make money. The only good news is that he with that statement has shown us all how crooked he really is.

Othmar Vohringer

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