Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hunting: Point made on High-Fence Pen-Killing facility issue.

I found this article written by my fellow outdoor blogger Ron Reddon on Ron's Personal Journal

I have nothing to add to this article other than, that ir perfectly states my own view on high fenced hunting and what the World Hunting Association is all about.

Point made on High-Fence Pen-Killing facility issue.
By Ron Reddon

Someone brought up a decent point in a comment that I should be careful of labeling "high fence" canned hunt facilities "pen-killing facilities" when referring to the canned hunts engaged in on those facilities. So, as a matter of clarification, what do I consider to be a high-fence, pen-killing facility? I consider any facility that has high fences that prohibit free egress and ingress of big game wildlife, for the purpose of isolating and selling the opportunity to kill farm-raised game animals that are specifically farmed for the purpose of killing, to be a high-fence, pen-killing facility. When these canned hunts are not under the direct legal auspices of their particular state's Game and Fish Departments' / Department of Natural Resources' hunting regulations with set seasons, quotas, etc. (regulations and laws all public land hunters are expected to abide by), and are instead placed under "Agricultural Department" regulations for farm livestock, then that pretty much sums up what that facility is about. That to me, is what I consider constitutes a high-fence, pen-killing facility.

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