Monday, August 21, 2006

Hunting: Finally seeing common sense

Today I read the best piece of news in a long time.
The World Hunting Association has finally bowed down to the pressure of the hunting community and announced that no darts will be used in their deer shooting competition. Also the WHA will not hand out prize moneys for the competition winner. Faberman has said that he changed his plans because of the pressure from the hunters and hunting organizations.

To me this shows clearly that if hunters stick together and keep at it we can change things for the better. There are many issues threatening our hunting rights and heritage. Such danger comes from many different sides, like PETA and the American Humane Society. Perhaps we should take on next with the same determination as we took on the WHA and forced them to change.

I am still not quit happy with the outcome but it's a heck of a lot better than what I imagined it would be. Faberman still thinks that he is the one who can give hunting a much needed boost and they still hunt livestock deer behind a high fence on a deer farm.
But as I said in an earlier article; “The opera is not over until the fat lady is done singing.” I am still convinced that the WHA will go away. This is the beginning. If I would be a betting man I would bet that the WHA will be a thing of the past within the year or two.

Here is the article I found in the Detroit News

A controversial Southfield-based hunting competition, The World Hunting Association, has dropped the most contentious of its issues -- shooting whitetail deer with tranquilizer darts -- as it prepares for its opening event, Oct. 5, at Lost Arrow Ranch near Gladwin.

David Farbman, founder of the upstart WHA, said Saturday that intense criticism from the North American hunting circle mandated a change in format for his project, which he sees as hunting's counterpart to the professional bass tour.

"After hearing the voice of so many concerned people in the hunting community, I think the biggest issue was the darting," said Farbman, 34, an executive in his family owned real estate company that manages properties such as Detroit's New Center One building. "Our only goal will continue to be to build something that will promote the heck out of hunting (participation) numbers.

"I think we can accomplish that with a traditional harvest option."

Farbman's plan had called for the WHA's roster of "professional" hunters to shoot trophy deer with tranquilizer darts during a particular event.

Antler spreads would be measured, and after the deer recovered from the sedating drugs, the whitetails would be returned to their habitat 24 hours later.

It was the WHA's answer to catch-and-release fishing, which is a staple of competitive fishing tours.

Shooting deer with tranquilizers, however, incensed much of the hunting galaxy and threatened to doom Farbman's ambitious vision.

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