Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hunting: The World Hunting Association still doesn't get it!

I got another email form a World Hunting Association supporter in response to my article “Finally seeing common sense”. In which I report that the WHA had to change it’s plans of chasing deer with tranquilizer guns and offer price money to the person who can dope up the biggest buck. Faberman, the CEO of the morally and ethically highly questionable WHA, got the idea – so he says – from the bass fishing tournament and wanted to do the same “catch and release” spectator show with deer.

Mind you it was not that the WHA changed its plans on their own accord. They where forced to after thousand of hunters and every single hunting organization protested against this unethical plans of the WHA.

Other than the plans of the WHA it seems nothing has changed, least of all their attitude toward the real hunters, they still think we are wrong, or as Hack Albertson put it, “way of base”. Here I give you the email to read and my response to it.

The email:

Hi Othamr,
Hey your way off base on the WHA event. There are no livestock deer. They are free ranging deer born on the property. It is 1,000 acres with no pens of any type on the property.
4 hunters at a time will be on the property, so it will be 250 acres per man. I just wanted you to know the facts about the hunt.

Hack Albertson

My answer:

Hi Hack.

Funny thing WHA supporters have told me and other critical writers a few times that we are “way of base”. Yet we have all the support while the WHA has no support and finally had to give up their unethical plans to dart deer with potentially dangerous drugs.

The WHA chases deer on a game farm that is fenced in, there might be no shooting pens, but the deer are still fenced in. These are not deer that have been breed in the wild but on a farm and that makes them livestock any which way you look at it. Even the law conceders these deer livestock and that is the reason why the WHA can do what they do. That never would work under the normal hunting laws, on land that is under the control of the DNR.

I know the facts as they are written in the law books and in the ethical hunter code and not as you folks interpret them or make them up as you go along.

Othmar Vohringer


Anonymous said...

actually, dont speak for the whole hunting community.

I am not Hack or any other WHA rep.

I think this will grow the sport, if done tastefully


Othmar Vohringer said...

I actually do speak for the vast majority of the hunting community who feels the same way I do and that in turn forced the WHA to change their plans. There is nothing “tastefully” about to shoot livestock deer in a high fence game farm. Neither is it tasteful to turn hunting into a spectators show for entertainment and money. Real hunters do not hunt for the money and the short-lived TV glory. Real hunters hunt because they take part in an age-old sacred tradition that has been with us since the dawn of humankind. That, and to play their important part in wildlife management, not to be confused with livestock management, and nature stewardship.

Anonymous said...

this can be considered 'wildlife management'

you crack me up OTH... every hunter i know would love to 'sign up' and compete in these tournaments...for $$ too

hell..where can I sign up?? to say this isnt true... well JUST ISNT..

this is the best idea, in terms of number part. and business the hunting world has seen in years...bottom line

Othmar Vohringer said...

Anonymous. You are a lonely voice in support of the WHA.
Good luck to you.

By the way the WHA is NOT part of the hunting world. Never has been never will be. Shooting at livestock is not hunting.

Othmar Vohringer

Anonymous said...


Half of Texas shoots in high fenced areas.
Half of hunters use bait and shoot over that.

You are 'way off base' and are one of the fanatic hunters on the internet...lest you will lose your 'ulmighty hunting traditions'

why dont you write farberman and tell him some constrcutive input

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thousands of hunters, including me, have done just that. So has the hunting industry at large. Or did you think Faberman changed some of his unethical plans on his free will? No! He finally bowed down to the amount of pressure he got from the hunting community and the industry.

Just because "half of Texas shoots in high fenced areas" (a statement which I doubt very much from my experience) does not mean it makes it right. If you follow politics you might be aware of the fact that there are discusssions underway to outlaw game shooting farms where animals are penned up in shooting pens. Such a law can not come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

You are right, when you say..Farbman listened to the hunting community... what can you do.. He hasnt released any product publically..
He did the right thing

But please OTH... deer live longer in fenced areas

anyways, they also dont run the risk of outside injuries/death... car accidents and the whole lot.

If I were a deer, I would rather be PENNED Up! on thousands of acres!

Othmar Vohringer said...

"But please OTH... deer live longer in fenced areas

anyways, they also dont run the risk of outside injuries/death... car accidents and the whole lot.

If I were a deer, I would rather be PENNED Up! on thousands of acres!"
Not wanting to be rude, but this is the most ignorant statement I ever heard. Either you are pulling my leg or you do not know what you are talking about.

Think about it, do you really suggest that all wildlife should live behind a high fence and be tamed so shooters can walk up to them and kill them. Does fair chase mean anything to you?

Anonymous said...

Personally, it doesnt. If it is 1000 acres (hectaacre or more) I am ok with it...

also, the herd must be thin and cannot be overpopulated...

THose are the facts...look for yourself! deer live longer in fenced areas... on average.. plain and simple OTH.

Anonymous said...

"However, I know why TV shows are made on deer preserves and ranches. If they didn't "hunt" there, 99% of the time they couldn't show bucks..."

-detroit free press.

THIS IS A TV SHOW... I DONT THIN Mr Farberman cares if he strips you of your 'ulmightly' hunting opinions or views. period

Anonymous said...


notice 'ulmighty' is highly exagerated.

You got me all worked up OTH. Fair Chase is not defined. Cmon.

I could build wal marts all across rural america and in a sense I crush their 'home'. So what is wild? what is fair chase?

In a ranch, there is no human/modern/manufactured setting...(outside of a fence) AND no FEEDERS!

I cant believe you even believe the words you spew

Othmar Vohringer said...

This discussion begins to run in endless circles. If you do not know what fair chase is then you are not a hunter. Ever hunter worth his or her salt knows what fair chase is.

I have very good reasons to believe that you're conected with the WHA and thus we can argue here until the cows come home without achieving anything.

Feel free to post here as much as you like, but for me my time is better spent doing other things then answering your posts that lack any knowledge about wildlife and hunting. Neither do I believe that your comments add anything constructive to the discusion as hunters and the hunting industry have made up their mind against the WHA.

My job is soley to inform the hunters about the WHA and their unethical and morally questionable tactics.

Anonymous said...

This is a snipet from HuntingNet. Posted by: atlasman
Addicted to HNI

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Please read this...and I ask you, What is Fair Chase? ha - ha you crack me up OTH

This time of year usually gets me thinking about this topic because the forum gets riddled with threads of the "dead deer walking" pictures and all the technology and gadgets that go along with them.

My question is where do you draw the line on what you consider "fair chase" hunting?

I don't see the logic in people crying about "fair chase" and preaching the ills of the WHA........or crossbows......or some other flavor of the week topic. To cry about those things.........and then come on here and post 100 pics from your game cam with a time stamp and a pile of corn in the picture and say how pumped you are to go out and use your $5,000 worth of electronics and equipment to sneak into the woods and smoke an arrow through him at 30-40 yards doing 320 fps at 80% letoff is so beyond rediculous it is amazing.

"Fair chase" is a myth.

What about the situation that I described above is "fair"?? The fact that there is no fence?? If there is a 10lb pile of cracked corn in the same spot of the same field corner for weeks on end then you don't need a fence.........the deer will not wander far........and even if they do they will surely come back to nibble day after day. This is evidenced by all the guys posting pics of deer that they have caught on their cameras multiple times.

Why do we continually harp on hunting having to be "fair chase".........and then go out and hypocritically hunt in an absolutely unfair manner??

I just don't understand why so many people get horrified by stories of game farms that turn on the feeders and wait for the deer to come out so they can shoot one. Isn't laying a full bag of corn in the same spot for weeks and then going hunting over it one day just another way of "turning on the feeders"??

We get what we deserve..............we are all in the uncomfortable position of being caught in the middle of the slippery slope. We jumped on voluntarily becasue we want SOME of the perks...........but get upset because we didn't read the fine print.

Game farms, the WHA, canned hunts, charging for antlers by the inch, 400 fps crossbows, 80% letoff, food plots, game cams, WSSM, Laser rangefinders and so on............are all in the same boat. Sure, they have different degrees of severity and significance but how can so many people be so adamant in favor of some of those things.........yet so adamantly against other parts??

The future is already here for those who haven't seen them yet. Video camera surveillance placed in the woods to observe the deer 24/7.

So, let me get this can sit at home or at your job and have pics or video sent directly to your computer or cell phone from your spy cameras you set up at your surveillance compound (hunting land) showing you where, when, how many, and which deer are coming to your pre farmed food plot and grab your laser rangefinder, GPS, and high powered binoculars........throw on your 2000 gram Thinsulate water proof boots and state of the art camo.......take your 320 fps 80% letoff compound or your 400 fps crossbow or your high powered WSM rifle with equally high powered scope..........jump on your ATV and ride over to your pre set stand of choice (based on the time stamped deer pics) and wait. When the deer you have been spying on for 2 months 24 hrs a day makes his scheduled appearence anywhere from 40 to 300 yards away (which you used your laser to judge) kill him.

That is "fair chase"???

"Fair chase" went Bye-Bye a LONG time ago fellas. I think we are only kidding ourselves and also doing the whole sport a disservice if this is continually used as a rallying cry. We need to focus on doing things simply because it is the right thing to do. Saying we want it a certain way because it is "fair" is laughable. Think about it........if hunting was really "fair" would anyone even think of bear hunting? That is about as silly as calling shark fishing "fair".

I always cringe when I hear another hunter preaching about "fair chase". Think how silly that must sound to the people who don't know anything about hunting other then seeing an army of guys in orange with big guns going out after what amounts to a giant rabbit with antlers.

I think it's time to realize that ship has sailed and focus our efforts on things still within our control.

Anonymous said...


I love how you dodge the information about sponsors and the WHA. Look at their website.. Do you see those 'business men'

apparently, Farberman wasnt alone...

If you want to speak, lets do it. I hold no bars.

OTH you are off base...again

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