Sunday, September 03, 2006

What part of the season do you hunt?

The hunting season approaches fast. Hunters have their favorite seasons to hunt for that elusive buck they have been dreaming about all year long. While some hunters believe that the early bow-hunting season is the best time to ambush a trophy buck others will say that the rutting season is the best time to kill a true monster buck. Still other hunters, me included, think that the late winter season might be the best time to pattern and ambush old mossy horn.

What is your favorite segment of the hunting season to go after the wily whitetail deer, early season, rutting season, the late season or all of them? Please cast your vote in the poll below and add a comment in the comment section about the reason why you think that your favorite season segment is the best time to be in the woods.

Thank you for taking part in this poll.

What part of the hunting season do you hunt more?
Early Season
Rutting Season
Late Season
All of the above
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