Sunday, November 26, 2006

Product Review: ATV Deer Loader

I found a very neat product that will make it a snap dragging a deer or other large game out of the woods.

Deer Loader
The Power Loader is the quickest, safest, easiest way ever to load a deer onto an ATV. The Power Loader's lifting mechanism literally extends and lays flat on the ground, allowing the deer to be slid effortlessly into place.

The Power Loader fits most popular brands and models of 4 wheelers and operates with the use of factory or after market winches. It places the deer or other load over the front wheels — maintaining stability and balance while the ATV is in motion. The Power Loader is constructed of aircraft aluminum and provides a whopping 250 lb. load capacity and it adds only 29 lbs. of weight to your ATV.

The Power Loader™ with a combination of cleverly positioned folding and telescopic components accomplishes two important functions.
1. It extends the loading “basket” all the way to ground level to make loading possible without any lifting.
2. It retracts as it is loading in order to reduce the leverage factor to a functional level.

The Power Loader™ uses are limited only to one’s imagination. Here are some of the recommended uses for work or play:
1. Loading and transporting deer or other game.
2. Loading and transporting any recreational equipment that does not exceed the 250 lb. weight limit – ex. Ice chests, camping equipment, treestands, etc.
3. Lifting miscellaneous objects within the weight limit to a “working” height or to be transported – ex. tool boxes, light equipment, sacks of feed, seed or fertilizer, bales of hay, firewood, etc.

To learn more or order a Power Loader visit Great Day Inc.

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ATVCamper said...

Great idea. I can think of several uses for something like this.

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