Monday, November 27, 2006

State enforced Quality Deer Management

Here is a prime explanation why I am highly opposed to state, or in Canada’s case – province, enforced quality deer management. Here is what hunters in Illinois look at should that insanity of state enforced QDM ever come to pass. This came from a Illinois site and is a direct quote.
The average resident hunter would be the one hurt by these mighty plans of the horn hunters. The guy who has for years supported deer hunting and gone through the times of one deer a year and helped build the herd who now has to hunt the small plots no one else wants because the people with money have leased or bought up everything around. Of course he is expected to let the only deer he may get a shot at all year walk so the paying customers can have him.

And what a wonderful idea to make him take a doe first when he may never see that monster buck again. I get sick of everybody with all their management plans to improve what isn't broken. We do it your way and the state will be selling 40,000 NR tags instead of 20,000.

Some time back one outfitter blamed the local hunters, in a newspaper interview, because his clients were not taking the big bucks they used too. His solution, the locals should let the bucks walk and save them for paying customers.

All this restriction on what you can shoot takes what little fun there is left to hunting out of it. Hunt how you want on your side of the fence and leave your neighbor alone, instead of telling your neighbor he has to meet your standards and raise big bucks for you.

I have heard many here complain how they let one walk and then someone else shoots him. So what. He did it legal. And I do believe they call it hunting.
Are you still in favor of state enforced QDM? There goes the hunting opportunity for the average hunter, the vast majority, right out the window in favor for the trophy hunters and tourist hunters. Great going! Not!!
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