Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fishing: Idaho New Walleye Record

I just found out on the Idaho Fishin' Times that the old Idaho Walleye Record has been broken.

Mark Abel of Sun Valley, Idaho isn’t your typical fisher. While most people fish on weekends, Abel is working and fishes on weekdays. Fishing when nobody else is on the water often can make all the difference. It certainly did for Abel. On Sunday night he went out to the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir and made a lifetime dream come true when he landed a 17.6-pound walleye, breaking the 10-year-old Idaho state record of 16.2 pounds. “Nighttime is the best time to catch these big predator fish and this is the best time of year to be fishing as they are fattening up for winter,” Abel said. “Being semi-retired allows me to go fishing three or four times a week down at Salmon Dam. Only fishing at night can mess up your sleeping patterns, and most people won’t do it. But when you are catching six or seven big walleye each night, it’s worth it.”

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Frank Baron said...

Ah...lovely fish. Thanks for posting this Othmar.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Frank for stopping by. You as the ultimate fish whisperer of course would know all about what a lovely fish looks like. Talking about nice fish. I have seen a picture of you with a very, very nice and huge fish. Care to tell me more about how you came to that trophy.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to my blog. I have inserted your link on my blog also. Hope to share more with you over time. Enjoy reading your blog and catchin' the news from up north.

Anonymous said...


Just dropped in to say thanks for the link to my blog on your blogsite. Looking forward to sharing more with you over time. I enjoy reading your blog news from up north. I have completed adding your link to my blogroll also.

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