Friday, February 09, 2007

Hog Wild

Meet Phillip Loughlin, by his own description; bitten by the hog hunting bug, he is the newest addition to Skinny Moose Media. Phillip Loughlin, editor of Jesse’s Hunting online magazine and Outdoors Journal has decided to return to outdoor writing as a blogger with his Hog Blog. As the name of the blog suggests it’s all about the fun, exitement and the thill of hog hunting. Phillip admits that he is passionate about chasing wild porkers all year long in the hills of his home state California.

I found the blog while looking for information on wild hog hunting. when I started to read the Hog Blog I couldn’t stop until I read it all from the first to the last page. Being a little bit of a hog hunting fanatic myself, I appreciate Phillip’s valued information on hog hunting equipment and tactics, showing his deep insight and experience he has as a veteran hog hunter.

Phillip Loughlin looks forward to communicate with other like-minded hunters on his blog and share with us more of his knowledge and hunting stories. Currently he is on a hog hunting trip over the weekend, looks forward to come back next week to share his tales with the readers of the Hog Blog. I too look forward to him returning and telling us all. I could go on writing about the Hog Blog but then again why don’t you just head on over to the Hog Blog and see for yourself what Phillip has on offer.

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Phillip said...

Thanks for the kind words again, there Othmar.

If all goes well, maybe we can get together sometime and see about chasing some wild hogs.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Your very welcome Phillip. You have a great blog with a lot of good information about hog hunting.

As the years passed I found that I am somewhat under the hog hunting spell. I would like that very much to go on a wild hog chase with you. Thanks for the kind invitation.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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