Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blind Hunter

Geheehunter, a member of our SHS Hunting Chat Forum, told us a fascinating and touching story of how he helped a blind friend, and first time hunter, of his to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.

Quite the handyman Geheehunter converted a crossbow sight that allows him to be the eyes of the blind hunter. While he was at it and with foresight that his invention might help other blind hunters too, he posted the exact procedures on converting a crossbow or rifle sight to accommodate a blind person and his aid on our forum. You can read the full description of it here.

Geheehunter tells us about the great satisfaction he had to be able and help a blind person to harvest game. This brings to my mind how little it takes to introduce a new hunter to our ranks. There are so many things we can do to promote our outdoor legacy. Not everybody is as mechanically talented as Geheehunter, I am most certainly not, but there are ways that we can do something too.

At the SHS hunting Chat forum we’re dedicated to the promotion of hunting and fishing. We have special sections for newcomers to hunting and fishing, for disabled hunters, young hunters, female hunters and much more. Of course we also have all the usual hunter related topics. The bottom line is our dedication to promote our sport and reach out to hunters of all skill levels by giving and seeking advice, support and friendship. We welcome everybody, be that veteran hunters wanting to help young and new hunters with advice. Or hunters like Geheehunter and many others like him that help the less fortunate ones so they too can enjoy our sport.

You can read about Geheehunter and his "Blind Sight"here.


Frank Baron said...

Nice story Othmar. Geehee's a credit to the sport.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Frank. Yes Geehee is a great credit and positive inspiration to the outdoor sport. There are many like him. I have found over the many years that I hunt and fish that our sport is pretty good stocked with helpful and charitable folks.

-Othmar Vohringer

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