Monday, February 12, 2007

Roger Raglin…

…affectionately called “America’s Whitetail Deer Hunter” owns and operates BKS Productions, one of the largest hunting production companies in America. With more than 42 full-featured video titles under the belt Roger Raglin remains the key figure in all of his videos. The recipe of his success is quit simple. Good wholesome entertainment that the entire family can watch; ethical and safe hunting practices; clean kill scenes; broadcast quality camera work; top professional production value. But just as important there is Roger himself. His never tiring enthusiasm and energy, the honest joy he shares with his viewers are not Hollywood faked, they a real.

I have watched many videos of Roger Raglin – in fact I have a big library of videos form BKS - and I never get tired watching them and there is always something new and exiting going on. Aside from these qualities, what I appreciate most is that Rogers’s videos are not reduced to mere infomercial that seem to be so common today with many hunting videos. In fact you will be hard pressed to see any advertising in the video until the very end.

What I also like, is that Roger has not fallen victim to the current fashion of being all humble and almost sorry for harvesting a deer. The enthusiasm, drive and excitement that Roger delivers on camera is truly contagious. His patented, "Jiminy Christmas" saying is loved and repeated by the many thousands who have followed BKS tapes over the years. Roger's humor is natural, his devotion to the sport of hunting is genuine and his knowledge and expertise as an outdoorsman and hunter are exemplary.

Roger backs his video success up with his hunting success as one of America’s most prolific hunters. His accomplishments with bow, rifle and black powder are astounding. Over 100 whitetail bucks scoring 130 B&C or better; 62 bucks scoring over 140 and 25 scoring over 160. He holds over 180 different SCI trophy records, 8 whitetail slams, 3 bow slams and more. Roger secret to this success is his wealth of hunting knowledge that freely passes on in his hunting videos. In addition to the line of videos Roger offers his own line of field proven and tested deer attractant scent and game calls.

Hunting Products are:
Whitetail Maniac 150 - interdigital gland mixture with doe urine
Whitetail Maniac 155 - tarsal gland mixture with doe urine
Whitetail Maniac Down & Dirty cover up scent
Whitetail Maniac Buck Mud - pre-orbital gland mixture
Whitetail Maniac Penetrator Buck Call
Whitetail Maniac Hands Free Buck Call/Doe Call
Whitetail Maniac Deer Killer Kits - Buck or Doe

You can purchase Roger Raglin’s BKS videos in many outdoor sports stores such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop or direct on his website where you can find more information about America’s Whitetail Deer Hunter Roger Raglin.


Trail Cam said...

Good wholesome entertainment that the entire family can watch; ethical and safe hunting practices; clean kill scenes; broadcast quality

I like how you pointed out that he is enthusiastic yet ethical. There is a fine line between misrepresenting the sport and being a role model. I hope everyone understands that by being PC you are not sacrificing your beliefs. Instead you are being respectful of the others(nonhunters) beliefs.

Steve said...

I heard Roger Raglin in a seminar and he puts on a high energy seminar. He reminded me of a loud preacher that wants everyone to hear what he is saying. He talked about going nine years without killing a deer and this was because he kept doing the same thing over and over and would go to the same area to hunt. He said that it finally dawned on him that he needed to change if he was ever going to do any good. He stated that he would never get out in the woods to see what the deer were doing until season started. He changed this and started going to new areas and scouting early. He said the other big change he made was to find areas where no one has hunted for several years. He said that if you find an area like this that is posted then make contact and try to get permission. If the land owner want let you then try and get permission from his neighbor to hunt property that connects. He states that during the rut the bucks will travel on neighboring property. I was not able to stay for his full seminar but the people attending seemed to be enjoying him.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I hear you Steve, Roger is unique and energetic and to top it of he does not take himself to seriously. I have to agree with Roger, or as I say; “The only thing that constitutes insanity is to do the same thing over and over put expecting each time a different result”. I do all my main scouting right after deer season closes. One month or so before the season opener all I have to do is checking up on a few things and fine tune stand sites without the deer ever noticing that I have been in the area.
I keep rotating my stands never hunting the same location twice in a week. I also seek places that see no or very few hunters. This is possible even on heavily hunted public land. There are always pockets hunters don’t go too for what ever reasons. Mostly because these spots are difficult to get too, my first public land buck I shot in a thicket right next to the hunter parking lot where no sane person would go. But that is exactly where deer go once the pressure is on them. As for getting permission on land, endurance can pay off big time. Once it took me three years constant persuasion until a farmer gave me permission to hunt his property right next to public land. As a thank you I gave all the venison to the farmer from every deer I harvested on his property.

Trail Cam – Thank you for you posting. A hunter can be ethical and enthusiastic about the sport at the same time. Being ethical does not mean a hunter has to hide his joy or be solemn about it. Hunting is many things to different hunters and so are ethics but the bottom line is that we are hunting with the end result of hopefully harvesting game. It may not happen every time but it’s a fact of our sport. To deny this fact in public would be hypocritical of us. To be happy and show emotions is not a sign of disrespect to the animal and I think the public at large understands and respects that. Now animal rights and anti hunters are a different ball game altogether. We cannot please them regardless what we do.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Cliff said...

I've been fortunate enough to not only meet Roger in person, but to be invited to his house to see the famous 'Wall' you have pictured and a glimpse of his Production Studio. He visited me a few times as well, once even taking the time to walk around and take a look at the coon hounds I had at that time.

Roger is a great guy and an assett to the hunting community. When thinking about him, what more sums it up than: 'Jiminy Christmas!'

Othmar Vohringer said...

Cliff- Jiminy Christmas! I envy you to get to know Roger personally. What you describe about Roger is what I hear often. He seems to be a down to earth guy and not one bit affected by his celebrity status. I believe it is this trait that makes him so popular and believable.

-Othmar Vohringer-

George said...

I did not know of the boat accident until I watched the 9/17/13 show again. Thanks for posting this. Roger sure had a bad run of luck for a few years. In 2009 Roger came down with Guillain-Barre.

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