Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Attempt to ban air rifles, BB guns, in Baltimore

This article is a prime example of just to what length the anti-gun supporters will go to get their will. In Baltimore an ordinance has been introduced to ban BB air guns. The reason for this insanity is, according Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, because some of these guns have been used in a series of robberies. Baltimore has outlawed the possession and discharge of paintball guns. As usual by these type people “public safety” is given as a reason for the introduction of the bill. My opinion is that if they’re really concerned about public safety then the criminals should be locked up. Banning BB guns, or any other gun, only will hurt the law-abiding people. To my knowledge crooks don’t give a hoot about laws.

Here you can read the full article and if you’re from Baltimore perhaps you take some time and write to the City Council, telling them how you feel about this insanity.

Read the full article here


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