Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Buck

From February 1st to 28th we held our Spring Photo Contest on the SHS Hunting Chat Forum. We had two categories to which members could send their best pictures. One category named “Hunting and Fishing” was dedicated to trophy pictures of fish and wild game. The other category was named “Outdoors”, here members could submit any picture that had the subject outdoors, such as wildlife pictures, landscapes and such.

As usual the participation was strong. Which is no surprise the lure of the quality prizes provided by our generous sponsors, Tony’s Cutlery Barn and Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls was strong. It was a though choice for the members to vote for the best two pictures of each category. It was even a tougher choice for Artemis Graphics & Design, as independent judge, to choose the Grand Prize winner out of the four category winners.

The final choice of 1st place in the Hunting and Fishing Category and the Grand Prize winner was Slaymaker with his submission “Birthday Buck”.

1st Place Prize:

Seal Team Fighter

Grand Prize:

KutForrest - Pro Guide series knife

Here is what slaymaker had to say about his submission:
Here I am with my first bow kill, a 13 point buck, taken on the first day of Iowa's bow season, October 1, 2006. And to make it even better, I got him on my 45th birthday! What a present!

But this is not why Artemis Graphics & Design choose this picture as winner. By choosing a winner for the Grand Prize she looked at the picture from an artistic view, such as exposure, composition and overall impression the picture had on the viewer.
She found that this picture is well composed and exposed. It is a clean picture, no bloody parts showing. The harvested animal looks natural and the hunter looks happy and humble at the same time. This picture, so her verdict, does both the hunter and his game justice. It is a picture everybody can look at without being offended by it. And last but by no means the picture tells a story. In the opinion of Artemis Graphics & Design, a picture should tell a story otherwise it becomes a boring snapshot.

Is there a lesson to be learned? I don’t know about you, but in future I think I will pay more attention when I take a picture. The other lesson perhaps is that if you take active part in the SHS Hunting chat forum you will not only have fun and learn from expert hunters but there is always the chance to win something. So why not join us today at the SHS Hunting Chat Forum.

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