Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snow Geese Hunt In Missouri

For a few days in a row a distinguished member of my SHS Hunting Chat Forum, going by the handle of “jemerson2003”, keeps us up-to-date with exiting reports on his goose hunt success. He comments;

“Just because it is spring doesn't mean that there are no more waterfowling opportunities. Due to the dangerously high numbers of snow geese that are destroying their breeding habitat, the spring conservation order answers the waterfowler's spring question of "what do I do till next fall?” Snow geese are so plentiful that they are often referred to as "sky carp".
With the comment he showed off a few very nice pictures of his recent hunting success. I complimented him on it by saying; what an impressive looking heap of geese he and his hunting buddies collected in one day.

Then yesterday jemerson2003 posted another picture (the one I share with you here) telling me that this “heap” of birds consists of 132 snow geese harvested by 10 waterfowl hunters from dawn to 11:00am.

If you join SHS Hunting Chat Forum that is the kind of excitement you will be able to share with other hunters. Stay tuned for tomorrows report on the “Birthday Buck”.

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