Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blogging the Outdoors

Matt Coughlin writes about the ghost buck on his very informative Bright Idea Outdoors Weblog. He tells of a buck that he thought vanished into thin air but then out of nowhere the buck was back again.

Brad from Southern Adventures has an interesting article on baiting deer. A highly controversial subject among the hunters, some hunters use baiting as a legal method to hunt deer while others feel it is unethical. Brad sheds a little light on this controversy.

The Fledgling FlyFisher is the blog every fly fisher should read interested in British Columbia’s rich fishing heritage. Coincidentally, as I found out reading the blog,
Rp3flyfisher visited the Abbotsford outdoor show at the same day as my wife and I did, he actually has witnessed my wife taking close-up pictures of Phillip Rowley’s fly tying demonstration. (Stay tuned for an article on this interesting coincident and some amazing picture to be published here soon).

Marian, one of the very view ladies blogging about hunting provides a lot of insight from a woman point of view on Marian’s Hunting Stories. Marian is located in Mississippi where she hunts with her husband, children and grandchildren. Hunting and passing on the hunting heritage is a true family affair in Marian’s home.

The Deer Camp Blog is always entraining and humorous to read. In his newest post Rex Howell wants his readers to belief that his fictional Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club is home to some very unusual critters that have not been seen for the past couple of million years.

The Hog Blog of avid pork chaser Phillip Loughlin is a must read for every hunter addicted to wild hog hunting. Phillip does not hold back on his wealth of hunting experience and is eager to share tips and strategies.

Idaho Fishin’ Times as usual offers lots of valuable information and current news on fishing in Idaho. Recently Fishin’ Times Forum has been added where fishers from Idaho, but not only, can discuss their passion, tactics and many other subjects on fishing. Well worth a visit and signing up as a member to take part in the forum.

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Marian said...

Thank you Othmar for the nice comment/link to my blog site. I really appreciate you as a friend.

Editor said...

thanks for the linki Othmar. Finally decided what to name our pontoon boat at the camp. The Othmar!

Phillip said...

Thanks for the kind words again, Othmar. Certainly am enjoying your site as well.

Come on out to the Left Coast and chase some hogs with me sometime.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Marian - Thanks Marian, I regard you as a friend too and I really like your blog.

Editor - Thnaks for the honor you extend to me by naming your pontoon boat in my name. Since I am not a good swimmer I hope this will not invite disaster.

Phillip – I would be honored to chase hogs with you. I am from the “Left Coast” too on the Canadian side. Thanks letting me know that you enjoy my blog. It means a lot coming from a professional magazine editor.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Eagle Eyes said...


I want to chime in here too and let you know how much I appreciate all the nice plugs you have been giving my blog at Idaho Fishin' Times. I read your blog everyday and have turned a couple of my friends who are hunters on to your blog.

brad said...

Thanks for the link.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Eagle Eye – Thanks for your reading loyalty. Your blog is very informative too and the new forum you added is a great bonus for fishers in Idaho. It is my sincere hope that the blog and forum will become a great success. You deserve it.

Brad – Your very welcome and keep the good work up.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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