Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hunter Gathering

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I followed an invitation to a local hunter gathering held in the Ya-Ya Oyster Bar in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia. Members from the HuntingBC forum have organized the gathering for members from the Lower Mainland. In pouring rain we made the one hour drive to the small pacific coast village, full of anticipation of meeting up with other hunters whose faces we never have seen.

We all had a very good time swapping stories, telling tall tales and extending invitations to hunt with each other. This was the third year that members of the HBC forum organized such a gathering. Such localized gatherings have now become a HBC tradition all over the province of British Columbia.

Such gatherings serve in my opinion a very important cause. The internet and hunting forums are a great place for hunters and fisherman to exchange stories and experiences or alert of important political issues. In fact the internet has become the main information source for hunters to gather and exchange information. But the internet is a very anonymous place where people remain often faceless hidden behind a screen name. It is therefore easy, and unfortunately has become quit common, to forget that behind each name is an actual living person with feelings and emotions. Gatherings, such as the one my wife and I attended, have the great benefit to get to know the real person behind the cold computer screen and establish a human relationship. I am sure that this personal encounters are part of why the HBC forum is one of the friendliest forums I have the privilege to be a member of.

Knowing each other as a person strengthens the bonds we tie on the forum. This in turn leads to a much tighter community and to a better understanding. My wife and I certainly look forward to next years HBC gathering. We have had a great time in the company of like minded folks. I would encourage you, if you’re a member of any online hunting forum to organize such local hunter meetings too. It’s a lot of fun and buildslasting friendships and perhaps new opportunities to hunt too. Isn't that what a hunting community is all about? You bet it is.

Photo courtesy of Artemis Graphics and Design.

The handsome guy in on the far left in the back row is me, feeling proud to be part of such a fine hunter community.

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