Monday, April 30, 2007

Poachers and Cheaters

Here is a story that I read on the abc7news web and it just blew me away. Don’t you think a man of his caliber should know better? It angers me every time when I hear that hunting “celebrities” stoop so low in their ego masturbation that they have to resort to poaching or to cheating, like Mitch Rompolo (here and here) and a few others that made negative (speak hunting heritage damaging) headlines over the recent years. What really angers me is that these people often travel the seminar circuit where you can here them talking about hunter ethics and promoting a good image in public. Yet it is them that do real damage to our heritage for two reasons. First. Because they are “celebrities” the media latches on to them and often broadcasts the bad news all over the world. Point in case, I read this story on the abc7news website, not a hunting website. Second. There are unfortunately people –I do not call them hunters-, that are of the mindset that if so and so can bend the rules then I can do that too.

President Of Outdoor Guide School Guilty Of Poaching.

The former president a school that bills itself as the "premier outdoor guide school" has pleaded guilty to illegal possession of wildlife and hunting without a license.

Gary R. Jordan, 58, former president of the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School, will pay $12,729 in fines, donate $2,000 to a Colorado Division of Wildlife anti-poaching program and could lose his hunting and fishing privileges, officials said.

He pleaded guilty Monday to charges stemming from a Sept. 17, 2006, poaching incident. DOW officials said he shot a six-point elk southwest of Cripple Creek and had his students help carry it out. Officials also said he used an employee's hunting license when he had the meat processed.

"We would think he would be aware of the laws," DOW spokesman Michael Seraphin said Friday. "He's the head of a guide school. He should be aware of what the rules and regulations are. That's what he's teaching other people."

Reached by phone Friday, Jordan said he was "very ashamed and remorseful," and that he resigned in January as president of the school he founded, and no longer plays any role at the school.

The school trains about 175 students a year.

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matt said...

Good post. "Ego masturbation." That's funny right there.

Kristine Shreve said...

What's sad is that he exhibited this behavior in front of his students and employees. If the boss doesn't follow the rules, how can he expect those he leads to follow them.

I also agree that it is sad that these are the images and stories that the general public sees. It all comes back to being aware of the image you present. One hunter doing wrong can spoil things for a lot of other law-abiding hunters.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Matt and Kristine thank for your posts. Matt I found it funny too that is why I wrote it.
Kristine the points you make are exactly what gets my dander up. This is not just any hunter it is a leading figure and a teacher. And because it is such a high-ranking figure in the hunting industry the press is all over him and makes us all look bad.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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