Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog Buzz #2 Edition.

The “Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer” Blog Buzz #2 Edition.

Hunting Wild Game / A Way of Life

Hunting Public Land

These days finding public lands to hunt is getting harder than ever but with the right persistence and attitude anyone wanting to go hunting can find some place to hunt. Alot of times all you need is to know one good farmer or rancher that is willing to take a chance that his livestock, fences and property will be protected by you and your in for the long haul of a lifetime… Read more>

FlyFish Fanatic

Fly Lines

Lets talk a little about fly lines. I have used many different lines in my flyfishing life and have found some to be of great quality and some to be a complete waste of money.
Now before I start, remember that these are MY opinions and I am not trying to make certain fly line manufacturers look good or bad… Read more>

Remaindered Random Musings

Come Fishing with me

It's a lovely day. A bit of ice still clings to the banks of the creek but the sun is shining and it's a few degrees above freezing. Hopefully, we'll make the acquaintance of a rainbow trout (steelhead) or two. Some have already been upstream and spawned but most are on their way... Read more>

The Shed Antler

Antler Import is Big Business

I was reading an article in reference to the amount of antlers that are imported to Korea. Antlers are a major ingredient for oriental medicine.
New Zealand supplies 36.9 percent of the total deer antler imports, followed by Russia with a 31.6 percent market share.
New Zealand is by far the largest producer of deer and deer by products… Read more>

Black Bear Blog

The Long Blood Trail

It was probably the coldest morning I have ever witnessed in my 54 years when there wasn’t snow on the ground. I had watched the weather forecast on our little black and white television perched high on top the bookcase my father had built on one wall of the living room. Where I grew up in the country, we were fortunate to have a television as we were frightfully poor but unfortunate in that only on good weather days could we view one station... Read more>

Hunting Sense

Hunting for the Horizontal

Very seldom do you see a near perfect horizontal angle in nature. Sure, they can happen, but as rarely as it does, this fact can help you when trying to spot a deer or other animal in the woods. How you ask? Read on and I’ll explain… Read more>

Idaho Fishin’ Times

Fishin’ Trash

A spring fishing trip to an area pond is all it took for me to get angry! This is something I really struggle with. Idaho is full of beautiful streams, lakes, ponds etc. with opportunity everywhere to fish for your favorite fish. Fishin’ is a blessing from God! My question then is, “Why in the hell do anglers, (men, women, children) take it upon themselves to trash the outdoor beauty that Idaho has to offer?”… Read more>

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Anonymous said...

Links not working

Othmar Vohringer said...

Anonymous – Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I don’t know what happened – blogs can be a bit temperamental at times -, I have redone the links and checked them and they are fine now.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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