Thursday, April 19, 2007

Product Review

Here at Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer I wrote a review “ Unique Fishing Lures” of the Canadian Bottle Cap Lure Company in June of 2006.

To my deepest regret I had to learn that this company might be not all that sincere when it comes to doing business with customers. A week ago I received an e-mail from a gentlemen (name withheld by me). He tells me that he ordered and paid for 200 Bottle Cap lures in August of 2006. To this date he has not received any delivery of the products or refund of the money.

In several email exchanges with the Bottle Lure Company, some of which he sent to me, the gentlemen got nothing but lame excuses why they can’t send the lures. When asked to refund the money the company wrote back that they would like to do that but can’t because only the boss can sign the check. However the boss of the company never seems to be in the office or even in Canada.

I personally wrote an email to the Bottle Cap Lure Company asking for an explanation of the situation. That was a week ago, time enough to respond to my quest. It seems that the Bottle Lure Company is not interested in explaining what are serious allegations from a customer. This behavior really makes me wonder about the business ethics of the Bottle Lure Company.

I came to the conclusion that the writer of the email seems to have a valued point and warning to all that order lures from the Bottle Cap Lure Company when he writes: Norm (Norm Price owner of Bottle Lure Company) is dishonest doesn’t deliver. He takes your money and runs.

I have therefore decided to pull the Bottle Lure Company review immediately and post this warning to all my readers. If you or someone you know has had a similar experience with the Bottle Cap Lure Company, please do not hesitate and let me know.

I would like to state that the Bottle Cap Lure Company has never been a sponsor of “Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer” as has been assumed by some readers of this blog. From time to time I write product reviews from companies that are not my sponsors. Only companies listed with a small banner in the right hand panel under the category “Sponsors of O.W.O.V.” are approved sponsors.


Eagle Eyes said...

Othmar, thanks for the heads up on this company. I have seen there advertisements in several magazines and on the 'net. It's a big ol' ugly world out there at times, isn't it? Keep us posted!

Kristine Shreve said...


I applaud your taking the time to alert your readers. Dealing with a company is all about trust, and when a company breaks that trust their is no way to get it back. It is too bad the company in question didn't realize that.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Eagle Eye and Kristine – Thank you for the posting. Yes it is a big ugly world. Unfortunately there are many that try to make a profit by promising a product they do not have. The way I see it, it is just another way of stealing. Without wanting to get further into my feelings about such behavior, lets just say I have a very low tolerance for any sort of crime. It saddens me when hard working people save up money to buy something and then get cheated by a crook. It hurts me like it would have been done to me personally.

Please feel free to post the article onto your blogs so we can inform as many people as possible. The sooner this company closes their door the better for all of us.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Matt said...

Good jog on this posting. Companies like this make it harder for honest people to do business, and they should be exposed.

Kristine Shreve said...


You may have seen it already, but I did link to your article in my Friday, April 20th post. Hopefully that does bring it to the attention of a few more people.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Matt. I am really upset about that and I will do what I can do warn others about this companies business practices. It chocks me every time when I hear that scam artists without any shame and remorse steal money of hard working people. That is what it essentially boils down too.

Yes Kristine I have seen the link on your blog, thanks a bunch. I hope too that others see this post. The more the better, so others do not fall in the same trap and lose out too.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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