Sunday, April 22, 2007

What others blog about the Virginia Tech massacre

As I have been expecting it did not take long for the anti-gun lobby to turn the Virginia Tech tragedy into a campaign for their anti-gun agenda. Since I had a little time over the weekend I checked out some other bloggers and what they had to say.

On the Terrierman's Daily Dose authored by PBurns I found a noteworthy article - Support Mental Health or I'll Kill You - that expressed and addresses may issues about why today we are faced with so much violence. His motivation to write the article came from a newspaper that suggests that “Virginias primitive rural gun culture” is to blame for what happened at Virginia Tech.

The moment I read this sentence I got angry. I know. You ought to think that by now I should have grown accustomed that we the firearm owners – members of the gun culture - been blamed for all evil in this world. But I can’t get used to it and hope I never will. Getting used to have the finger pointed at us is for me equivalent with accepting defeat or accepting responsibility for somebody else’s wrongdoing.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I still believe very much in personal accountability. This is why the article appeals to me. PBurns writes his article right out of my heart and I encourage you to head over and read it too. Another article – The Gun isn't the problem - in line with my way of thinking is penned by Kristine from the Hunt Smart Think Safety Blog. She writes about gun control and that this is not the solution to the current wave of violence. Of course she is right. If gun control would be the answer to a safer society then Australia, Germany and Canada, to mention a few countries with strict gun control laws, would all be violence free. The sad fact is however that countries with strict gun control have a much higher crime rate involving firearms.

Kristine concludes that the guns cannot be blamed for the crime. After all a firearm is only a tool. Like all tools they can be used responsible or abused. The commonsense thing to do is to blame the person using the gun in a crime and not the tool. Kristine’s commonsense conclusion is “Guns don’t kill, people do.”

Matt Coughlin from the Bright Idea Outdoors Weblog and resident from Virginia pays with Hope Flaps in the Breeze a fitting tribute to the 32 victims of a madman. As a former student at the Virginia Tech his feelings and emotions about this horrible massacre are much closer to home than for many others. Please also read his article A Dispatch from Blacksburg, a moving account of his visit to the Virgina Tech after the massacre.

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