Monday, April 23, 2007

Tagtropolis the Technoraty for Hunting Blogs

Today I checked my blog statistics, as I do everyday, to see whose coming and going and from where my readers come and what information they seek. This is very important information for any blogger that wants that his readers get the maximum of information in their interest area.

Anyway, I am digressing. Tagtropolis is a brand new website that caters exclusively to hunters, fishers and other outdoor enthusiasts. With Tagtropolis hunters can find the newest published articles with the click of a button. Unlike Technorati that tags blog news of every imaginable interest and thus can be very trying to find particular information for hunters and fishers.

Cliff from the Hunting Sense blog has discovered the site, I think, and wrote a post about it. Kristine from the Hunt Smart Think Safety has joined as one of the first members. I think it is Cliff and Kristine that tagged one of my articles. I say “I think” because as of this writing I am still not quite familiar with how the site actually works with the article tagging. One thing is for sure Tagtropolis will be a benefit for the enthusiastic outdoor person to find information of his interest fast and without trouble and that only can be a good thing.

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Kristine Shreve said...

I think Tagtropolis will turn out to be a good thing. The problem with sites like Technorati or Digg is that they can get taken over with a lot of stuff that just isn't interesting, at least to me.

A social networking site dedicated to hunting and fishing and the outdoors could work very well. I think it will be fun to use.

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