Monday, June 11, 2007

Blog Buzz #4

It’s about time I compiled another Blog Buzz. I have been very busy lately with little time to spare and visit other blogs. I am still very busy but thought, “what the heck let’s visit my fellow outdoor bloggers, before they think I am ignorant or died and went to heaven.”

There are so many good hunting and fishing blogs that it gets harder and harder to choose which posts I shall add to the blog buzz. So here in no particular order are some of the posts of my fellow bloggers that caught my eye today.

Hunting Sense Blog

Hunting the Perfect Draw Weight?
I’m sure all archery hunters have found out what happens when we try to set the draw weight of our bow to a poundage greater than what we are able to draw back comfortably. I know I have. It was quite a surprise to me when after sitting in a stand for hours in the cold, a buck came in and I tried to draw my bow only to find I had to struggle with it. Needless to say, my macho ego of having a heavier draw weight cost me a nice buck that day, and taught me a valuable lesson…Read more>

Outdoor Odyssey

Arizona Ducks
In Arizona, Jack Shindler, another Texas boy and I, enjoyed many years of excellent hunting and fishing together. Our search for Quail, arrow heads, Indian artifacts and Bass, led us over the entire state from the beauty of the Mogillion Rim to the starkness of the Sonoran Desert and it also led us to find some, surprise, Ducks……Read more>

Deer Camp Blog

Where We Came From
A recent comment from my old friend, Two Feathers, reminded me of how we got here.
Many moon ago our tribe lived in the deep pine forest near the banks of the Tallahatchie River in north Mississippi. We hunted and enjoyed our 160 acres of land and everyone was happy…Read more>

The Hog Blog

Tejon Hunt Wrap-up
Two weekends in a row, hunting the paradise called “Tejon Ranch” has left me a little sore, but a lot satisfied. There aren’t enough ways to describe this place that will ever do it justice. I’ve certainly tried, and some folks probably get tired of me singing its praises. I wonder if they’d be willing to pay me for all the publicity?… …Read more>
Note: There is a cool video too.

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Phillip said...

Thanks, Othmar!

I was wondering where you'd gone, but figured Rex was right all along, and you're busy redecorating your multi-zillion dollar mansion and hobnobbing around with the other zillionaires up there.

Glad to see you're still around.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Glad to hear somebody missed me. :)
Lol, Rex always spins a good yarn.
Tell you what though.
If I where the guy Rex is talking about I probably would have more time on my hands and very likely would book you and me for a year at the Tejon Ranch, hunting hogs every day till we couldn’t look at another one.

-Othmar Vohringer-

jon said...

I never knew a human could be as busy as I have been! Too busy to check out all of my links, but I have not been hobnobbin' with all the Texas gizallionaires. I've been trying to help a 13 year old learn how to hit a curve ball. 80 pitches a day is too many for an old guy!

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