Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Hunter Dan

The popular action figure Hunter Dan® celebrates this month his 10th birthday.

His creator Dave Randard of Creative Outdoor Products, Inc soon discovered the potential of Hunter Dan® not only as toy for children but to promote hunting to the younger generation. Hunter Dan® was offered for sale for the very first time in the 1997 Cabela’s Christmas Catalog. Cabela’s continues to be one of Hunter Dan's® largest customers today.

Since that time, Randard has introduced bowhunting versions, as well as Duck-Hunting Dan, Goose-Hunting Dan, Angling Dan, Elk-Hunting Dan and Turkey Hunting Dan. In addition other figures where added such as the hunters best friend a faithful hunting dog, but also deer, elk, bears turkeys and other wildlife figures.

Hunter Dan® has gotten company, he now has a hunting buddy and often can be seen sharing a treestand with Hunter Ann® the female rifle hunter. Unlike the dainty Barbie, Hunter Ann® looks much more suited to roam the forests and fields in pursuit of wild game.

To that end, happy birthday Hunter Dan® and welcome Hunter Ann®.

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Anonymous said...

I keep saying one way to get more women to hunt is to present more role models for little girls. Hunter Ann is a great idea, and I'm glad she's finally shown up.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I agree with you Kristine. One of the best ways to entice children to learn something or get involved is with toys.

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