Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog Buzz # 5

In today’s Blog Buzz I am going to ignore some of my own rules. Rather than highlighting specific articles of a particular blog I am going to introduce to you blogs that caught my attention lately with several good articles. Another rule I am going to ignore is that some of the blogs introduced today are not specific about hunting and fishing. Why I divert from that rule you will find out as you read on.

The first blog in this edition of Blog Buzz is the Skinny Moose Media blog by Steve Remington. Here you will find good articles on how to become a better blogger and eventually even make money from it.
These are the articles I regard as recommended reading for every serious blogger.
Blogging in the Hunting Niche
Blogs Are Roads; Intersections and
Further Your Career From Blogging.

A new blog in the outdoor blogger world is Western Wanderer by John Martin. John is a bow hunter and competitive archer from Petaluma, California. He a professional Animal Nutritionist, this is closely related to my professional background as animal Behaviorist. If John is not busy working with animals or hunting all over North America he can be found touring throughout California, performing cowboy poetry. John’s diversity of interests and pursuits are reflected in his blgg entries.

HumpsNhorns by Norm Sargent. This blog is all about rodeo. Norm is from the east coast and has been raised around horses. After high school he moved out west and became a pro-rodeo rider. On his blog he tells us about his interesting career plus gives his readers some insight to the exiting sport of rodeo and his way of life.

Why do you include a rodeo blog in the Blog Buzzer? Good question! Perhaps now is as good a time as any to tell you a little secret about me. Since I have been a little boy growing up in Switzerland I wanted to become a rodeo rider. Instead I became a 3rd generation Swiss Master Butcher and later went on to become an Animal Behaviorist. But Rodeo always has had a big place in my heart. The closest I ever came to riding a bull, my life long dream, was to sit on a mechanical bull in a cowboy bar. All my life I have been a cowboy. Hence why my friends call me “Swiss Cowboy”. So there you have the reason why I includedHumpsNhorns in this edition of Blog Buzzer.

My last tow choices of blog brings us back to hunting. AlphaTrilogy is a newer blog. Darrell is my kind of guy, he hunts to pursue his passion and not to brag about big antlers. He is totally consumed by the great hunting heritage and that comes out clearly in his blog articles.

And finally, if you like upland bird hunting as much as I do, then you just have to bookmark the Upland Feathers blog. This blog offers a large catalog of articles about upland bird hunting, conservation and everything else in between, as long it has to do with upland bird hunting. Great Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Darrell have been putting out some posts with terrific tips about blogging. I'm glad so many people are catching on to these posts.

I haven't read the other two blogs you mentioned but, since you recommended them, I will go check them out.

darrell said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blogg buzz! I would have commented sooner, but I spent all of yesterday working on tree stands, clearing brush, and setting game cameras. I love hunting and simply being outdoors and I'm glad that it is obvious from my blog posts.

I've always wanted to ride a bull myself. When I was a kid, by brother and I would climb up in the trees and wait for one of our steers (closest we could get to a bull) to wander under. We'd jump off on its back and try to ride. Not quite the same as starting from a chute, but the point is, I understand the desire.

Thanks again Othmar!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Darrell, I fully understand, scouting, setting up tree stands and practicing with ones weapon of choice are far more important than reading blogs. Especially with the hunting season only a few short months away.

As children growing up in Switzerland, my brothers and I did the same thing. In fact that is how I managed to break my leg. We would go to the livestock barn in my father’s slaughterhouse and try to ride the steers. One time I tried to smart and waited for a steer to get into the narrow walkway leading to the stun box. I climbed up the wall of the chute then swung a leg over and landed on the steers back. Perfect mount. The steer bucked and the next thing I heard was a loud crack, like a 2 x 4 snapping, this was followed instantly by numbing pain in my leg. The steer crushed my leg against the metal bars of the chute. Live and learn as they say. But I still haven’t lost the desire to ride a bull.

-Othmar Vohringer-

robert said...


Thanks for your comments about Upland Feathers. Next time I'm in Canada we should take a crack at the grouse.

Othmar Vohringer said...

You’re very welcome Robert. You are cordially invited to go grouse hunting with me. Whenever I go deer hunting I take a shotgun or .22 along. In the morning and evening I hunt deer and during midday go after grouse with the shotgun or .22 to add meat to the dinner table. Here in British Columbia we call grouse “Ditch Chicken”.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Rack Tracker said...


Thanks for the link. It's nice to hear from a fellow Westerner. B.C. is on my list of places to hunt. I'll be checking your blog for guidance.

We just started our Archery Season here on the coast, the blacktail bucks are hard horned already!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Rack Tracker- You’re very welcome, I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you’re willing to exchange links. Your blog would be a valuable addition to my blog for folks looking for hunting information about the west coast.

Here in BC the archery season opens early September. However that is to hot for me, usually I head out in the woods around late October and all of November when the mule deer rut kicks in.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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